Sequential Thread Titles, Now With New Cool Ranch Flavor!

Two sets from MPSIMS today:

**I’m having trouble deciding whether to move
I love you too, now please get off my testicles…

Great things about being queer!
Same-sex Wedding bells in Canada!**

And from I think MPSIMS yesterday:

Selling one’s soul - how?

Same-Sex Wedding bells in Canada!
Can you top this unlikely event

I love you too, now please get off my testicles…

Tesla Coils
(I dunno, it just sounded funny.)

Same sex wedding bells in Canada!
I love you too, now please get off my testicles…
(Does there seem to be a common theme to these posts? :eek: )

Things not to do when you’re trying to write a paper…
I donated my HAIR!

I saw “What are your recurring dreams?” followed by “Gallery of Scary Clowns” earlier today. Seemed odd…

A few days ago in IMHO (but I couldn’t find a “Sequential Threads” thread):

Men Urinating Sitting
Urinating in Sinks

What are your recurring dreams?
I am the Champion of a very licked mouse.

Hmm…would I rather dream about a very licked mouse or the gallery of scary clowns?

Today in MPSIMS:

“I found a Prosthetic Leg!” Followed by:

“Great thing about being queer.” Followed by:

“I hope I don’t have to go to the doctor, this is going to be hard to explain.”
I don’t know, but I found it funny.

A few minutes ago:
Would you eat a Chocolate Jesus followed by
Food and Sex Acts.

In MPSIMS, just now:

Boku no nihongo no posuto.
Amusing business names


My son is a published writer
Staright Dope Tourettes:


Who here has the best ill health condition?
Is 24+ hours of painful, bloody misery really too much to ask?


Bizarre deaths
My first hummer of the year! (I am so excited!)

Right now in MPSIMS:

What did you get for Father’s Day?
Craniosacral therapy, anyone???

Early Sunday in the Pit:

- To all the people accusing me of a being a troll
- For want of a sock, the kingdom was lost

Over in MPSIMS, but perhaps a bit morbid…

Bizarre deaths
My kid has gone right off the rails. I’m so ashamed.


Beckham’s bending it next door
My first hummer of the year (I am so excited!)

What is it about Pamela Anderson?
Ever Try a 1,000 Year Old Egg?

All from MPSIMS over the last couple of days:

**Beckham’s bending it next door
Great things about being queer!

Unidentified Flying Object Spotted over PA
Okay, who ordered the phoenix?

The New York City Marathon
The gallery of Scary Clowns!**