What a day for Sequential Thread Titles

Rye-chere in MPSIMS:

Where babies come from (according to my kids)
ChiDope Lunch Bunch, Part Deux

Happy Birthday FairyChatPerfectChild
Breastfeeding Challenge?
Darn You, Pregnancy
Any Other Respiratory Therapists…
I stuck my wedding ring up my nose
California man drills through own head
matt_mcl makes the paper
Wheel of Fortune / Hangman Game
Another time-waster brought to you by Popcap
Had (pathetically) disappointing experience last night?
Happy birthday to me!
Horace W. Babcock, meet Dick Titball!
DopeFest - Melbourne, Australia!
Breastfeeding Challenge?
DopeFest - Melbourne, Australia!
You never know who’s standing in front of you, I suppose.
My book is gone.


Thing I’d like to say to my boss (and still keep my job)
Slap me with a splintered ruler…

An amoral question:
What to do with a stray…

MPSIMS, right above this:

So I got her number…
What have I done?!?!?!

Your Gender is important to me
Breastfeeding Challenge?


Personal Problem
I Don’t Care, Do You?


My boobs are sagging.
Is this an ethical dilemma?

:Laughing with tears:

An ammoral question:
New York Dopegathering in honor of manhattan (the soon to be former mod)

Couldn’t have put it better myself.

Last week in MPSIMP (or maybe IMHO):

What do you think of topless men?

General Questions:

If I’m leaking a copious amount of vile greenish fluid…
What Would Doctors Call This?


Lego lust:
A Story

From the last couple of days…

Tom Swifties
Did your mom…

Surreal continuing story: walking through doors and passageways
Oh, My Freaking God! (Looong!)

What are your Obscure Fears
Going to a Wedding - at age 41

Q.E.D.'s Yummy New England Popovers
Dude blows up his urethra (it’s as bad as it sounds)

Got one and an almost in MPSIMS:

We broke up
Memories: Why are they important?

These only had one thread separating them:

My shiny new made-up life!
In which wild monkey sex is observed


The Sexiest non-Physical Attribute…
My shiny new made-up life!

I saw that one too Horseflesh, and I considered posting the to one in between them but then decided that it would be cheating and spoil my fun…

Here are some I tried to feed to the hamsters last night but they were asleep.

Sticky Situation Concerning My Brothers New Job
I stuck my wedding ring up my nose

Why does some beer taste better in a
Stupid broken leg. I’m bored, and feel sorry for myself too.
So, I cut all my hair off and it’s working just fine

What’s on Pat Robertson’s bumper?
Man Explodes After Being Forced to Rob Bank, Murderer Sought

The “Down with Batman Threads” Thread
Batman vs a boxful of fruit pastries

Some people think Ninjas are so cool, but…
Please Do Not Wake The Baby

I stuck my wedding ring up my nose
The Sexiest non-Physical Attribute…

Don’t you just hate it when…
Zenster Runs Away with the Circus

Your thesis/dissertation title and length here, please
Quack quack
(I hope he cited Cecil in his bibliography.)

Right now in MPSIMS:

The Creepy Ebay Item … A interesting read
Frito Pie


Wait!! I forgot this one over in IMHO

What would you do for $1000
Questions about different sexual positions (TMI obviously)
Did your mother ever wash your mouth out with soap


Mostly from yesterday…
A thread all my own
In which wild monkey sex is observed

So now I’m nesting…
Anyone for a game of Nomic?

My house stinks and I’ve got flies.
America sucks!

I skipped class today for no reason…
Trust me, your bitching isn’t winning you points with the professor or me

I didn’t invite you into my kidneys! Now go the fuck away!
Care for a glass of Hitler white? Mussolini merlot? Yes, nazi wine is now on tap.

“Is that your baby? My God, you guys are so young!”
Recording Industry takes action against 12 year old girl, forces settlement

What would all you Dopers like to say to David Blaine?
Didn’t I See This in a James Bond Movie?

Zenster Runs Away with the Circus
My husband does this, does yours?