AssHat U.S. Soldiers looting Iraq just like Iraqis

Except the soldiers have gotten caught.

AssHats in the military and working for FoxNews take part-time jobs as thieves

I especially like the dumbass who thought he could get a rifle, pistol and AK-47, all of which were gold-plated, through customs.:rolleyes:

Yeah, that’s a really fine example our troops are setting for how the Iraqis should act.:rolleyes:

Eh, whatta ya gonna do? The troops are paid badly and besides, it’s tradition.

You’ve got to be kidding.

A bit o’ plunder does the heart good. This sort of thing has happened since, oh, lets say since the beginning of organized warfare?

You’re right. The troops are paid better than you generally see in history and in comparision with other countries. However, it’s still a low amount.

You’ve got to be kidding

Mmmm. . . your link isn’t working for me.


Brutus & asstorian:

That you can both be so blase about such abuses and behave as if they are fine is vile.

So, if they rape anyone, that’s just something that happens as the spoils of war as well, right?

Are you surprised that there are looters in the military? Any population that large is going to have bad eggs. Theft on military bases is at least as common as any other enclosed community (like college dorms).

I’d even go as far as to say that pay isn’t necessarily a large contibutor. After all, at Enron, Tyco and Adelphia, highly-paid CEOs still looted the companies’ coffers.

Lastly, the troops are not there to set an example for Iraqis to follow. They are there to effect a regime change which, at the current time, includes some law enforcement duties.

Well to be honest I expect a little more from our soldiers, being in the international spotlight and all.

I see. So if someone isn’t paid very much, that justifies theft?

I’m sure the guy currently serving 50 years in California for stealing $153 worth of video tapes will be happy to hear it.

I wonder if brutus and asterion have the same blase attitude when poor Americans shoplift food and other household items in an attempt to make ends meet.

Personally, I’d say that stolen cash is arguably fair game. They were taking a small % of what the Iraqi government stole from their own people. Now, find one of our troops who was looting from one of the Museums, and you’ve got a story.

While the troops are not there to set some sort of example, I’m pretty certain that US military troops do have conduct codes which they are obliged to follow, and such codes do cover thievery.

As for low pay, I can understand it as a motivating factor, but does that then make it right? If so, then I assume a lot of crime in poor localities suddenly becomes more acceptable.

I wonder if Brutus is a real person, or rather just a BBbot.

Working link (for the time being, anyway). I’ll go read the article now…

If it was stolen from the people, doesn’t it still belong to the people?

Can’t condone stealing art and possible museum pieces, but GIs in both World Wars took home several “souveniers” … albeit probably no gold plated Luger P08s.

No, that particular loser is in prison because he has a prior record of ’ marijuana trafficking, prison escape, burglary, and petty theft.’

Bdbdbdbdbdbd…Buck. The immortal words of Twiggy are my Muse.

Not that military looting should be encouraged, but it’s just a fact of war. A victorious army takes a few ‘souvenirs’, and that’s that.

I agree that what they’re doing is wrong, but gosh - let’s suppose you were a low level soldier and you stumbled across a few million U.S. dollars in cash in a box in a bombed out building . . . don’t tell me you wouldn’t be sorely tempted.