Ass't Principal is NOT your pal.

Or, as a friend put it, “The touching tale of Mr. never-working-in-the-educational-system-again.”

I really have few words. I’m glad this guy got caught. I’m amazed at the sort-of… What’s the right term? Poor judgement? Someone help me out here.

Anyone else picturing this guy as looking a lot like Matthew Broderick?

Why not use his own words?

You’re amazed at this “stupid, arrogant and unethical” behavior.

I’m glad he’s going to jail. Maybe while he’s in jail, someone could plant some drugs in his cell during a shakedown. Wouldn’t that be ironic?

what a load of bull. Even if the kid was dealing drugs, the school assistant principal or *any * school adminitrator should not “try to get him expelled” especially with no hard evidence. But planting drugs in his locker to get him expelled is just ridiculous. Lame Shit.

There will probably be some sort of defamation of character lawsuit by the kid against that school administrator.

Probably better to use grass fresher than from '99 if you want it sniffed out. They could fire him for his stupidity alone.

I can picture it now.

The dog walks by the locker.

Ass Princepal “No doggy, sniff that locker!”

K-9 Officer “No reaction there.”

Ass Princepal “But I KNOW there are drugs there because I…I… ummm I gotta go to the bathroom.”

:mad: I wonder if he could be taught first hand Hammerabi’s code

Poor judgement doesn’t even begin to cover the degree of wrong this is.
I don’t really believe in the death penalty under any cercomstances, but this makes me so mad

I have never held most in-school administrators in high regard. Too often they were not particularly good teachers who wanted out of the classroom. Many times they are products of the good-old-boy system. The main concern has become to make things look good on paper.

The exceptions can be utterly wonderful for both teachers and students to work with!

(Former teacher)

Look, our best intelligence indicated that there were Weapons of Ma-- um, drugs, that is, inside that locker. And even if there weren’t, we feel that the students of this high school were served best by the expulsion of the student in question by any means necessary.

And if you aren’t with us, you’re against us. :wink:

Am I the only one amused by the fact that this dimwit shares a name with the author of The Lords of Discipline?

And the worst part about this is, there wasn’t any need. If the kid was a drug dealer, all they would have had to do is wait patiently until he screwed himself up. It’s really not that hard.

(He kept confiscated drugs from as far back as '99 in his desk drawer? What’s wrong with this moron?)

The really ironic thing is that the kid this AP tried to screw has got to be ecstatic now. Can you imagine anything better if you’re a teenage pothead than for the assistant principal to get busted for putting weed in your locker (and bad weed too, by the sound of it. The dog even knew it was shit). That had to be the greatest day of that kid’s life.

Not to mention the life of every kid who ever got busted for possesion in the time this idiot has been working at that school.

Nope. Now I wonder if he had a problem with his father while growing up, and whether he is in a love/hate relationship with his mother.