Assuming the first debate happens, 15 questions from CSM

The Christian Science Monitor has put together 15 questions they like to see the candidates answer in the first debate.

I love these questions. They are thoughtful and require real knowledge without being so nitpicky that the answers are meaningless. My particular favorite:

Are these good questions? What questions would you ask? How would you like these questions answered?

Good questions, indeed.

In addition to their questions I would like a question about combating HIV/AIDS in Africa and something more specific regarding future energy production in India and China. ‘Would you be willing to offer technology for cleaner energy’, or something.

I can’t really say what answers I’d like, so I’m not much help in the debate, sorry.

Honestly. Without thinking about how the answer will affect their electability.

Those are some damn hard questions. I like to think I’m well versed on most of those policy issues, and I’d have trouble thinking of snappy answers to most of them. Hell, even if they were posted on the Internet I’d probably slink away, think for two days, and then post.

They’re great questions that the candidates will never answer. They have their prepared answers, and they’ll find a key word that prompts that response. Ask:

… and they’ll respond with their plans to fight Islamic terrorism.

I think you meant Islamic sleeper cells :stuck_out_tongue:

Doesn’t this beg the question as to whether or not carbon taxes are preferable to cap and trade?

Mr. McCain, what cheap attention grabbing ploy do have up your sleeve for Monday?

Yes. Just like the question that assumes it is the job of the US President to “solve” the “Palestinian problem”, and the one that assumed it is the job of the President to reduce poverty in other countries.

And I thought this one -

is another of those “gotcha” questions. If you ask for clarification, the press corps can claim that you don’t know foreign policy.

And I know how I would like to hear this one answered -

[quote=A Reasonable Candidate]
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“Begging the question” is not the same thing as “having a premise.” The premise of the question is that the candidate supports cap-and-trade instead of a carbon tax. In this case, the premise is correct: both do support cap-and-trade, although McCain is a little foggy on the meaning of the concept.

“9. Is it possible to greatly reduce illegal immigration from Mexico by helping improve the quality of life in that country? How would you do that?”

I like this one. Yes, it is obviously possible. But how would we do it? More importantly, if improving the quality of life in Mexico keeps good workers in Mexico instead of coming to the US, do we really want to do it? But then, I’m all for relaxing immigration standards. For someone who wasn’t, this could be an interesting question.