Astro, I'm calling you out.

I was nice in my reply to this thread.
Astro, you are an ignorant asshole. I hope karma bites your sorry ass.

When I saw this thread, I immediately thought, “Oooh, it’s a needless overreaction Pitting!” And then I clicked the link and saw that it was so.

tart-pit. A tart by the way is wasted on idiot retards. It should be reserved for whores.

I think the problem here is (in part) euphemism creep.

Early IQ tests gave us terms like idiot, imbecile, and moron. Intended to be used to describe ranges of functionality described by the tests, they took on an aspect of pejorative insult, as people began using “idiot” or “imbecile” to describe each other.

In an effort to escape the pejorative aspect of those terms, diagnosticians coined the phrase “mental retardation,” as a clean, medical, non-pejorative diagnosis.

Of course, it wasn’t too many years before that phrase, too, began to be used in an insulting way, and today mentally challenged is an acceptable description, although it, too, is getting used as an insult. I suspect that intellectual disability is the up-and-coming word.

But thirty years from now, I am almost certain that intellectual disability will be an insult, and some other phrase will be necessary.

I guess what I’m saying is that while Astro’s use of the word was ignorant, I don’t see any reaction from him that indicates anything other than unintentional, “I didn’t realize…” type of behavior. Maybe this Pit was a tad premature?

idiot retards can be whores in the tart pit

I once found in the yellow pages the subject heading “Retarded” That was weird, but reflected on the demographics of the area??? I dunno…

Maybe if racer talked about his family members as having Down’s Syndrome, the rest of us could say dumb shit is retarded.

Are you whooshin’ or is one of us 'tarded?

Relax, brother.

A friend of mine works in a school. They have a “Special Needs Unit”. Now, any kid who acts dumb is perjoratively called by the others a unit, complete with insulting hand and facial gesture.

The word “special” is being used an insult too.

You misspelled “tard”.

That sounds like a new Law & Order series.

It is. Both the “duh duh duh DUH DUHHH” theme song and the “CHUNK-CHUNK!” scene segue noise are sung a capella by real-life “special needs” kids.

This pitting is retarded.

In my junior high, “sped” was the over-the-line insult, because our school called it “special education” and put “Sp. Ed.” on everything.

Heh-heh… “calling him out” in response to a thread about cellphones. That’s funneeeee…

You’re an idiot, racer.

You do realize that you have Pitted him before he has even had an opportunity to see your response and reply–possibly with an apology?

After this, of course, the odds are long that there will not be an apology.

The response in the original thread was at least arguably appropriate. But a pitting? Really!

There’s a series of books called “The idiot’s guide to …”. It seems to me that the OP needs to buy “The idiot’s guide to The BBQ Pit”.

And heaven help racer72 when ivn1188 sees this.

Well, ivn’s a retard, so who knows?

My first wife was 'tarded. She’s a pilot now.

Good point about the way phrases and terms come to have “bad” connotations over the years.

I avoid this risk by using the always popular “what are you? fucking stupid?” myself. :smiley:

Holy shit, I heard “sped” as an insult like 30 years ago and never knew what it meant until now. As retarded as this thread is, it at least killed a bit of old ignorance that’s been stuck in my head for a long-ass time.