Asymmetrical headphone cords. Blaaargh!

I was wondering why none of the damn links worked. :smack:

Just curious, I’m not concerned but: is it SOP to delete both the spam and any posts referencing it?

I have these ones; the weird protuberance tucks in your ear folds (the concha?) and seems to hold the bud in pretty well.

As for quality: they do go bad after awhile, they’re not studio-grade headphones. But Skullcandy does have a good warranty: 100% refunded if they break on their own, or 50% if you break them. I have returned several pairs and they’ve always returned the cost (as store credit) with zero fuss.

They do make Bluetooth earbuds, similar to the single Bluetooth device you see people using for making phone calls. They’re connected by a wire that goes around the back of your neck and provide full stereo sound. You can control your music with controls on one of the devices. They have ear hooks to prevent them from falling out. Not everybody finds them comfortable, though, but at least they’re less likely to fall off and less likely to break if they do.

It depends. Posts like yours that were just a comment on the spammer or anything that just says “reported” or something along those lines will usually be deleted. A post that adds something of substance to the thread topic might be left intact, though it might also end up a bit edited if it quotes any of the spam post that was deleted.