At BK, I guess you really can have it your way.

In an effort to broaden it’s consumer base, Burger King gets behind a new addition to it’s menu.

No telling what’s next at BK.


Ah yes. I’m glad I don’t eat fast food any more…


… I thought that was in the hot dogs?

What’s the big deal? Outhouse Backsteak has been serving them for years!

Hell, I’ve always thought Whoppers tasted like ass.

…which is odd, because I always thought ass tasted like Whoppers.

I always figured the anus would come in rings… kinda like butthole calamari.

I’m so ashamed of doing this, but I absolutely could not resist.


I’m so sorry…

McDonald’s will no doubt begin offering Anus Selects in the near future.

As funny as that is, I’m 90% certain it’s a photoshop fake. They have they’re ‘angus’ burgers, so someone replaces the ‘g’ with the ‘a’, and then replaced the ‘a’ with a blank square. Not that hard, really. I just doubt it could ever be up there long enough for someone to take a picture of it before someone at BK noticed.

Are the people at BK really that dense? It never occured to them that their new product sounds too much like a real unpleasent body part? This is why I need a job in advertising. I’d have an advisory panel of 5-15 year olds, and if any of them giggles at my slogan or product name, out it goes.

Occam’s Luddite Razor suggests that, since the sign is at street level, perhaps the person who took the picture did that in the real world. It wouldn’t take more than a minute or two.

Anyone eaten one of these? That is an accurate descriptor.

I think a cow’s anus would be a bit more like a doughnut, only meaty.

Ah yes, Meaty Butthole Donuts. If you’re a carb counter, there’s one that’s gonna be easy to avoid.

This reminds me of the time my friend drove by a McDonalds to see that they no longer sold the “Big N Tasty”, but now sold the “Big Nasty”.

Now we know what’s behind those cattle mutilations! Aha!

Dammit! I wanted to make that joke!

But I rectum that I can’t always be first.

So would the employees who hand customers these new treats be referred to as butthole servers?