At Eve's request: "VH1's I Love the 1930s!"

V.O. Announcer: “23-skiddoo Hep Cats. If you think Cary Grant is all that, if you smoke Camels, just like Joe DiMaggio and Lou Gehrig, and if you think your Packard could beat your neighbor’s Studabaker ANY DAY, then YOU LOVE THE 1930s!”

*Music: Swing version of “I Love the…” theme

Title card: “KEEN” on argyle background

Video: Clip from Marx Bros “A Night at the Opera”*

The Donnas: “Oh my god. The Marx brothers!”
“Oh my god! I totally drove my mom nuts asking for a harp!”
“Me too! I did have the horn though. EVERYONE on our block had a horn”
“Mute guys are so hot!”

Hal Sparks: “What was up with Zeppo, anyway? Was he like…the gay Marx brother or something? He always got the girl though, what’s up with that?!”

Michael Ian Black: “ Not many people are aware that Chico’s name is pronounced: “Chick – o,” because he supposedly got all the chicks. People try to tell me it’s pronounced “CHEE – co,” like the city in California, but they’re wrong.” [shakes head slowly] “So very, very wrong.”

Debbie Gibson: “I loved them, but of course I identified more with Margaret Dumont.”

Video: Margaret Dumont. Music: The Commodores – “Brick House”

Debbie Gibson: “I remember she was such a big influence on me. I always wanted a uniboob so bad! I couldn’t even use lorgnettes because I had 20/20 vision. I tried to use a cigarette holder for the same classy effect, but it just made me look like a bitch.”

Samantha Fox: “Groucho Marx?” [pauses to think] “I’d do him.”

Mo Gaffney: “The strange thing about the Marx brothers was that their first film came about during the advent of sound pictures. They had many, many problems with the technology and it’s no wonder, really. They called it “Coconuts” which when you think about it, are the loudest members of the nut family.”

*Title card: “Swell” on pinstripes

Video: Hindenberg disaster. Audio: “Oh the humanity” etc.*

Lisa Marie Presley: “The Hindenberg? Oh shit, that really sucked!”

Rich Issen: “I remember seeing that film clip over and over at the Nickelodeon when I was hiding from the truant officer, but even at that young age I could tell it was fake.”

Flava-Flav: “Say WHAT? Faked? Naw, naw, naw. Did someone say that? DAAAYYYMN! That’s cold!”

Donal Logue: “Well what did they fu(*$%ing expect? Dumbass Nazis! Hydrogen by nature being highly flammable, and hey! I have an idea – Let’s freakin’ build an AIRSHIP out of it! Good idea – be sure to cram it full of people so as many die as possible when it bursts into flames! Jesus. Serves them right for tampering in God’s domain, that’s what I say!”

V.O. Announcer: “And now, Doug E. Fresh with “I Love the 30s Hip Hop Song of the year!””

Doug E. Fresh: “A hidey, hidey–ho and a hidey, hidey-hey. We go a little something like this – HIT IT!”

Video: Cab Calloway

Doug E. Fresh: “The Hip Hop song of the year is: “Reefer Man” by Cab Calloway!”

V.O. Announcer: “Coming up next – Hats!”

Dee Schnider “No Dobbs or Knox for me. Stetson all the way, baby!”

V.O. Announcer: “But first, here’s Gilbert Gottfried with the “What the F^#)@!?” moment of 1930.”

Gilbert Gottfried: “In 1930, Dutch Boy Paints launched an ad campaign touting the popularity of it’s lead paint, actually called ‘Dutch Boy White Lead.’ According to the ad: ‘8 Painters in every 10 use Dutch Boy.’ So you had an 80% chance of coating your home inside and out with a highly toxic and poisonous substance that lasted for decades and required a HazMat team to remove. Hey Dutch Boy, WHAT THE F*$^#@)(?!”

(Upon preview - I can’t believe this took me like an hour to type out and it takes less than 2 minutes to read! Coding – Bah!)

<applauds wildly>

I have to say, this just did me in:

Oy vey, my ribs hurt now…

I may have fallen asleep, but was there not a clip in “I love the 80s strikes back” that was a brief parody of “I love the 30s?”

I’ll bet I fell asleep.

I’m not crazy, am I?


Somebody brought up the Charleston as a joke and they did a brief gag of “I love the 1930s.” They didn’t do anything other than show a title card though because they had to cram in so many insightful comments by the hosts. :rolleyes: Eve posted she’d actually like to see an “I Love the 1930s” and because I couldn’t sleep last night I played around with a few ideas, and now you have it: Comedy gold!

::: applause :::

Bravo! Funniest thing I’ve read in weeks, and this just after watching I Love the '80s Strike Back!

Man. This was great stuff. So funny.


. . . And of course, the Charleston was popular in the 1920s. And they showed a 1910s-style title card. Because, of course, alll those decades before 1970s just blend into one, right?

Some of the quotes (like Michael Ian Black’s) I could REALLY imagine them saying.

Great stuff.

“It took an hour to write. I thought it would take an hour to read.”
-Philip J. Fry

Oh man, remember bread lines? Where people had to wait in lines to get bread? I can’t believe we did that!

Personally, I prefer the twenties. Can we do them next?

I’ve seen, oh, maybe a total of 78 seconds of I Love the… flipping between channels and yet I could still visualize every moment of voguevixen’s post.

Hey, kid, ya done good. Real good. Here’s a nickle. Go have yaself a slice of pie and a cup of joe. G’wan geddoudahere.

Sorry, lissener, but I called for I Love The 1880’s before you. Maybe we can do it later.

I thought Mussolini looked so cool with the bald head and black shirts thing. That was a good look for a stocky Italian man, we were all dressing like that at school. Then he went and invaded Ethiopia, and I was like “WTF?!?”

But the Spanish Civil War and Franco - WOW! Good times, my friend, good times.

“Harold Lloyd just wasn’t the same when he started doing talkies.”

I wanna see I love the 1910s.

“Oh, MAN, the Titanic? What were we THINKING? It was UNSINKABLE! We never saw that coming!”

“I don’t know about you, but I thought Rasputin was pretty hot.”

I Love the 1350s!

Achoo! Achoo! (We all fall down.)

[one guy out of six billion who knows what he’s talking about]
“No, he was exactly the same. That’s the problem. It isn’t as funny for a man to be stuck hanging onto a building when he’s yelling his head off for help, especially when he sounds vaguely like a hick.”[/one guy out of six billion]