At least 60 seconds between posts? since when?!?

So I’m really cruising today, and I got off a post, and skimmed to another forum, and opened a thread, and snapped off another post, and…

Since when? and why this unnatural restraint on speedy ripostes? it hinders creativity, and flair, and élan, and all them good things.

it’s the hamsters. it’s always the friggin’ hamsters. think Ed and Cecil are in charge around here? ha!

Since always; you’ve just never noticed. I’m pretty sure it’s to prevent someone from cripling the board by causing their computer to automatically post nonsense over and over.

I don’t know that it’s always been this way; it seems like I didn’t get these messages until a few board modifications ago. But yeah, this has to at least slow down people who want to spam the boards. Plus it probably stops some accidental double posts.

Yeah, it’s known as flood control and it’s common on forums and blogs across the web. The time settings can be altered by forum administrators.

Seems to me it used to be 30 seconds.

It was, at one time. I can recall composing messages to two separate threads and having to wait before submitting the second one.

I suspect it’s a variety of anti-spam defense that the Admins. implemented and didn’t bother making public; if you lurk during the American daytime, you may have noticed that up until recently we got our fair share of Guest spammers scattering promos. for websites across several different forums. That has seemed to be reduced lately, and I’ll bet hamburgs to hamsters that they’re related.

I thought it was once 30 seconds between searches, 60 seconds between posts.

That’s it. I misread the OP.

It’s been 60 seconds between posts ever since I joined.

I wait at least 61 seconds between posting one bit of nonsense and the next.

Same here.

You know the boards are flying when you’re able to get that message.

perhaps that’s why I’ve never seen it before… :stuck_out_tongue: