At least have the decency to BURY them

Yeah, I’m talking to you, you country bumpkins. You of the “oh, we live out in the country, we don’t need no fences for our dogs” morons.

And of course you won’t spay or neuter them, because “that’d ruuun 'em”. So the poor things go out looking for love in all the wrong places and meet up with a semi or mini-van.

Then we all get treated to the sight of “Rover” while he lays on the side of the highway and decays in the 100 degree weather. What the HELL is wrong with you people? Don’t you have to drive by good ole “Ruff” every single day also? Don’t your kids see him? How can you just leave him there?

Do you have NO decency at ALL, anywhere in that tiny pinhead of yours? GAAAAAh, go smoke another joint and have some more moonshine, you backward green-teethed, inbred louts!!!

What, you really expect that people who don’t care enough about their pets to spay, neuter, and protect them from harm would care enough to bury them after they meet with an unfortunate accident?

And really, these types probably consider their children to be only marginally higher on the evolutionary scale than the aforementioned pets, and have not that much more regard for said children’s well-being, so, no it probably doesn’t bother them that it breaks li’l Bubba’s and Lulabell’s hearts to see their beloved Ruff rotting by the side of the road.

In all seriousness, no, they don’t have any kind of decency. I fear for the chidren of people who treat their pets like this.

What exactly was your point in insulting the rural community in particular? You make it sound as if this is a phenomenon that happens solely outside the city limits but it’s just as common in them as it is out.

Please note in my OP where I say “You of the “oh, we live out in the country, we don’t need no fences for our dogs” morons.”

I am talking of THOSE, not of all those living in the country. After all, I live in the country too. WE have a fence. And regular vet visits and so on. I’m targeting those that use their place of residence as an excuse for their behaviour.

In the city, at least where I’m from, not only are leash laws enforced, and those who break those laws heavily fined, Animal Control takes care of dead pets if the owners don’t, and promptly. Out here, the office of the small town we live here tell us “that’s not our department”.

This isn’t a case of ole ruff breaking the chain and getting away and meeting a tragic end. It’s a matter of they didn’t care in the first place.

I’m with asbestos mango and she’s right. How WOULD they have the decency to do the right thing if they don’t take care of them in the first place? I was thinking (dumb me) that they at LEAST might be a bit shamed to have Ruff out there where everyone could see that he wasn’t cared for. But that was silly of me. Of course people that uncaring wouldn’t feel anything, not even shame.

My mistake then. After reading it again, I see the point you’re making.

Though perhaps I should have clarified country bumpkin. I wasn’t referring to people living in the country, but to the types of people that populate the Jerry Springer show :smiley:

Guess I could have put it better.

. . . and all I have to say is AMEN to that! To be fair, our dogs have escaped a time or two (that was the end of the week-long Outdoor Dog Run Experiment last spring), but we were the “freaks” who were actually out looking for them!

What’s (possibly) worse is that we once met a friendly kid of about 10 (while we were out walking the pooches) who told us all about his year-old coonhound at home, who barks all night and whose barking has thus far resulted in four visits from the local cops. Now, he said, the dog wears a muzzle and THREE BARK COLLARS (you know, the ones that shock them when they bark) and STILL barks all night! :eek:

Three bark collars!

Deep breaths . . . .

Mr. S had a pretty rotten childhood; there are some things about it he hasn’t told me and perhaps never will.

This thread recalls one thing he did tell me, though. He grew up on a farm that had the usual assortment of farm dogs. One winter his dad caught the dogs chasing deer one too many times, and shot them all. Then he dumped their bodies in a pile in the corner of the barnyard, where young Mr. S had to pass them EVERY DAY on his way to do the chores. They were finally buried in the spring, I think. What was left of them.

(His dad was a giant turd in many other ways; this is but one example.)

He tells me he could not bring himself to own a dog for a long time after that, even into adulthood. But he finally got over it, and now we will always have well-loved dogs (and other pets) who are treated with respect in both life and death.

So fear not. There is hope.

Scarlet, that’s just the harshest treatment of a kid I think I’ve heard, short of actually physically abusng them. How sad. I’m glad he was finally able to come to terms with it and get a dog finally.

IMHO, we humans are privileged to share our lives and homes with dogs. Belonging to a dog is one of life’s great honors (again, imho). People who don’t have respect for other creatures, let alone their kids or fellow humans, just suck.

Could these pieces of roadkill have been strays? Maybe they never had a home, so there is no person to bury them. Do you know of specific people who have ignored and neglected their pets in both life and death? Or are you just assuming that the doggies belonged to someone.

… just curious.

That’s possible for some of them, but based on how several of my neighbors act, and what they say, a lot of them are probably pets, or ranch dogs. Also, they’re generally well fed, and have collars.

At least half if not more, of the people in the area in which I live, have a whole bunch of dogs hanging around. They breed, and then they’ve got a lot of puppies, and they won’t spay or neuter them because, and they’ll actually TELL you this, that will “ruin” them. (hmmm, and a fight with a semi won’t? :rolleyes: ).

If you talk about pets, and fences, they will say “waalp, that’s whay I live out in the country, let 'em run free lak God intended”. It’s a pretty common attitude, they’re not shy about sharing it, and they don’t think it’s odd at all.


Having collars doesn’t mean squat. It’s certainly not unheard of for city dwellers to ditch unwanted dogs (or cats) out in the country somewhere.

They may also have been dumped, although most of the time the collar would be removed and any tags most definitely would be gone. I grew up in a fairly rural area and I will never forget the sounds. First a car slows down, then a door opens and the dog is simply tossed out before the car accelerates away. Next you hear the frantic barking as the dog desperately tries to catch up only to fail. We tried to gather in as many as we could before they would either get hit or shot for raiding sheep. The dogs were generally about a year old and a larger breed.

Every Christmas, I work on a U-cut tree farm. Two winters ago, someone dumped kittens in the trees. We’re fairly sure they were dumped cause they were in a box. People kept asking about the crying they could hear in the trees, finally I went out to look and sure enough, I found a box with two kittens inside crying. They were around 8 weeks old. Later as we were about to close, this little girl kept insisting that she heard a kitten. So we grabbed flashlights and went in search of the last one. There was no way that he’d be able to survive over night. If the cold did not get him, a coyote would. Finally, the little girl found him about 10 yards from where I had found the box and took him home. She found him, therefore she was responsible for him, you see.

Yes, which I acknowledged, and addressed above.

Speying and neutering can ruin them. I’ve seen it happen. I’ve always had too much ‘respect’ for dogs that I owned to do that to them. I’m not too lazy to keep a bitch in heat away from potential paramours.

Though I’m not for letting dogs roam in general, though some definitely will stay with your home place or not become nuisances to neighbors. I would bet that a dog that met it’s death from being allowed to roam free had a much ‘funner’ life than being couped up with far too little exercise which is unfortunately the case for lots of dogs.

Have you heard of crating dogs? Keeping a dog in a small cage while you are at work so it doesn’t tear up your apartment. It’s apparently a new cruel fad for some city folk ( I make no assumptions as to their hygine, genetic make-up, or drug of choice. ).

Call your city hall and ask them who’s responsible for removing roadkill. They should be able to send someone out to remove dead animals, since it’s a health hazard.

My “neighborhood” consists of 11 homesteads comprising over 215 acres, located on a dead-end road off of the state highway. We all know each other very well, and we get together for visits quite frequently.

  1. We let our dogs run free, except for one neighbor who keeps his penned up. We don’t have fences (except for one guy who has horses, and it’s barbed wire, which won’t stop a dog). We don’t feel the need to be barricaded behind fences.

  2. My dog is neutered. It did not “ruin” him.

  3. I can’t recall anybody’s dog ever being hit by a car.

  4. If a dog did manage to get hit by a car, my neighbors are the kind of people who would stop to pick it up and bring it to your house if they found it before you did. I have absolutely no doubt about that.

  5. None of us have green teeth, are inbred, or drink moonshine. We are all retired or active professionals and business owners.

  6. I’m pretty sure I can speak for all of my neighbors when I say that we don’t give a flying fuck what you think about us or our dogs, and we don’t give a fuck how you do things in the city.

No room for pets dead on the roads round here. Every hunerd foot is a dead Armadillo, Skunk, ‘Possum, Squirrel, or ‘sum sech’ and the only clean-up crew is the Crows and Buzzards and Ants.

You city folks get all up in arms when we use our arms to shoot the critters, guess you would rather we just put poison out huh?

I watch ‘Animal Cops’ by accident some times. Never seen a show on country dogs and cats, always city folks pets that are unbelievably abused.

Manny peoples ask and now I wonder…

Scarlett, that’s just about one of the saddest things I’ve read lately. Good for Mr. S. for rising above that and being able to have a dog again. My guess is that your dogs are VERY happily loved and well-treated.

We’re not supposed to have dogs in our apartment complex, but that apparently hasn’t stopped someone with a Yorkie. I nearly hit it the other day because it darted out into the street in front of my car - luckily, I drive slowly through the main road because of all the kids, but one of these days, it won’t be so lucky. And of course, the owners were nowhere in sight. I’m half-tempted to call the office and report it simply because I’d rather the dog not die a horrible death in the street (as happened to a cat on the same street a few weeks ago - my cats stay inside, but that’s a different thread). If I see it again, I really hope it’s on a leash with it’s owner.