At least she hadn't started killing people yet... (RO)

Long Island resident faces 2 years for felony animal abuse and child endangerment.

Prosecutors claim Sharon McDonough killed numerous kittens and dogs while her daughters were forced to watch, stashing the dead cats in the trash, and burying 42 dead dogs in the backyard of her home in Selden on New York’s Long Island. The dogs were buried because some had identifying microchips implanted in them and McDonough feared being discovered if the carcasses were found in the trash.

Doug McDonough, 21, had moved out and alerted Rescue Ink what was going on in the home. He says the younger children were forced to eat nothing but PB&J and mac & cheese; the TV dinners he bought for them were confiscated.

I was really worried about where this sentence was going for a second.

Good, I’m not the only one.

The pic of the woman in the second link is priceless.

Gotta love this part:

So she’ll be free to start terrorizing humans and animals again soon enough.

No doubt! Can you say, “It rubs the lotion on its skin…?”

Heh, it makes me wonder if it was specally set up, selected from a large group, or manipulated in some way - or if she just normally looks like a twisted psychopath in a casual, everyday sort of way. :smiley:

One hopes they can tie her to pet stealing and add more years.

Here’s a site with another angle. Didn’t use it at first because it’s a little muddled: this supposedly didn’t start until her husband was killed but it says local animals had been disappearing for years.

Hey, Jared Loughner - we’ve got a pen pal for you.

Heh doesn’t even look like the same woman. :smiley:

I don’t understand the picture in the NYpost article. The caption is “MYSTERY: A neighbor who lost Bali andAnnabelle [sic] wonders if they were buried behindthe home of Sharon McDonough (above).”

Who the hell are Bali and Annabelle? Doesn’t that caption make it sound like the picture is of the neighbor, not McDonough? Am I stupid?

Pets that have gone missing, I assume.

Yes, it does.

Perhaps, but that’s for another thread. :wink:

It certainly would be amusing if the pic of the psycho-looking woman was that of the neighbour whose pets had gone missing … but I took the (above) to refer to the perp.

Sounds like a Sylvia Likens case just waiting to happen.

I wonder if most of her paltry sentence was for the animal abuse or the child abuse.

And the first link says she’s 44 with six daughters under 13 years old plus at least one son. On the one hand, it’s got to be terrifying to be widowed with half a dozen kids. On the other, that takes a hell of a lot of vileness and energy to torture all those children.

“Fire BAD!”

I also got tripped up by the caption. Before I figured out that they were pet names, I was trying to figure out what the hell the Indonesian island of Bali had to do with this story.

HP Lovecraft knew how to deal with folks like this.

How do 13 counts of animal abuse and child endangerment add up to a total of only two years? One count of child endangerment in New York state is “up to” one year… I guess she’s lucky she didn’t do it in California, Illinois, or Texas, where the penalties per count run up to 6, 10 and 20 years, respectively.

She is sick and needs help. There are drugs that might work.

I wholeheartedly agree with his statement. My money says she will not get that treatment, nor will the sickness be recognized legally. She will do her 2 years (if that) and be put back on the streets.

I’m guessing plea bargain.