AT&T crooks

Not surprised to read that getting basic/naked DSL is hard (or impossible) to get. What can be done about it besides switching to Comcast?

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Would be interested in any updates to this story.

I don’t think I would have kept my composure.

Try picking up the phone and calling AT&T. You should get better results.

This sort of business practice is rewarded by customers rushing to your competitors.

Communications services are at an all-time-high in terms of competition these days. If AT&T doesn’t want to play ball, screw 'em, and check out your other options (Cable, wireless, cellular internet, etc.)…TRM

AT&T in Chicago seems to have a unique Chicago attitude.
Out here in the wilds of NH (Dublin) I have a ‘dry-loop’ DSL service with 3M down by 768K up without an active land-line for $34.99/month. It started with Verizon, however, who was later bought out by Fairpoint (much to everybody’s chargrin).
You might look to see what other DSL providers there are in your area and, presumably, they can provide you with service through the AT&T wires, much to their chargrin.
Good luck!