AT&T Broadband!!! Damn you!

My connection is SO much slower now that Excite went down. I may switch to DSL if this continues. Either give us back our bandwidth or you will lose money, lots and lots of money. Jeez, why is it slower? I mean, they have the ability to give us back the old speed, but they limit us, why? Damn them, lower payments, or give us back our bandwidth, or many of us will walk out to ACK DSL :frowning:

That’s odd…I have Comcast cable and since Excite went tits up, my connection actually got faster. Hell, I even called to let them know how pleased I was.


While I understand that you’re feeling like you’re taking the rough end of the stick here, try to see it from a business point of view:

AT&T has dicked it’s provider(@Home) around now since they got in their business agreement. In the last few quarters, it’s decided that since @Home is going out of business, that they shouldn’t bother to pay their bills with them.

Cable is a losing business. So is DSL. Do you think AT&T gives half a fuck about your speed or whether you go to DSL? No.

Either way, they save money. Limit your bandwidth, and they save money. You walk away and get DSL elsewhere(which you will be more happy with, I assure you), and they save money on bandwidth again.

I recommend you look into another cable provider, or DSL soon though as this won’t last long. Soon, you’ll be fucked all the way with NO ISP at all.


Well, I posted the FUCK YOU MORONS thread about AT&T Broadband, so I’m not overly happy about them either, altho’ I did get back up today so am not bothering to switch just yet.

However, to reiterate what Sam/GaWd said, apparently AT&T is desperate to sell off its Broadband division, so expect lots more changes in the near future, and probably not many of them positive.


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