3rd-party DSL in the Atlanta area?

I’ve been very, very unhappy with the value I’m getting for my DSL with AT&T. The connection is slow, frequently choppy, and pricier than I think this junk is worth. On the other hand, I’m none too keen on the fast but extremely expensive options offered by the cable company.

So I was wondering if there might be a 3rd-party DSL service in the area. Depending on the prices they offer, it might be well worthwhile to drop my DSL with AT&T, switch to phone service, and then buy DSL from a 3rd-party vendor. I know they can frequently offer higher speeds than AT&T bothers to offer.

Does anyone know, or know how to find, these services in the North Atlanta/ Alpharetta area? I poked around a couple websites but couldn’t find anything useful.