At the gym recently

While I was lifting, I saw a woman spotting her “boyfriend” on the bench-press. “He” put 450 lbs up 20 times. Proceeded to squat 670 10 times and do 5 deadlifts with 915 on it. (not that the spotter was a slouch) As they went by me, I realized it was a woman! She didn’t look especially “juiced”, just muscular. (I’d guess 6 footish) I was too polite to say anything, so do you think she “juices”?

I am highly skeptical of those numbers you cited. :dubious:

But where was she parked?

Powerlifting records.

If she’s putting those kinds of numbers up, she’s juicing with Super-Soldier Serum.

Dunno! I don’t drive so it didn’t effect me. :smiley:

(my bold)
slight nitpick…

But you are driven are you not?

Yes, grammar police. :wink:

Forget “her”, I wanna know what you’re on.

Did she do this in a bench shirt and other work out gear?

Those numbers seem insanely high to me - unless it’s a world class powerlifter (and even then, you say it’s a woman…).

No, lol. It wasn’t about grammar. It was referencing the fact that you are still driven to the parking lot (or are you dropped off at the front doors?), where you must deal with the same issues regarding handicap parking. LOL @ grammar police.

Are you sure you have these poundages right? For a reference point, 450 lbs is 4-45lbs plates *and * 2-10lbs plates *and *1-2.5lbs plate on each side. Or the more likely 455 would be 4-45lbs plates and 2-25lbs plates on each side. The bar itself weighs 45lbs. I’ve never seen anyone in person push that for 20 reps on a bench press; male or female. I’ve been a gym rat for over a decade.

All due respect you are pulling those numbers straight out of your ass.

ultra-I’m not on anything, just life. :smiley:
Ambi-front door, but point taken. I was just razzing about your Pit thread.
Meatros-No special clothes that I could tell.

etv78 Are you going to address those numbers you put out there or are you just going to ignore us?

Define address? I concede I didn’t get a great look at the bars, so I probably miscounted/miscalculated. The point of the anecdote was that I mistaked a woman for a man. Just an egg on my face moment.

Cool story bro.

Unless you were seeing double, this is hard to believe. Maybe you should’ve stuck with drugs as an excuse.

Because you’re really confused over what questions and comments you haven’t been addressing and what it means to “address” right,? :rolleyes:

You were too polite to ask someone at the gym if they use steroids? Remarkable restraint.