At the SDMB, how do I get to name hyperlinks like I used to?

Before, when choosing Insert link in the Message field’s toolbar, you were presented a field where you could 1) add the URL, click OK and then another field, in which you could 2) write whatever you’d like, and then 3) click OK. This allowed you to create a hyperlink called whatever you liked to.

Some dopers can do this today too, but I can’t. When I klick Insert link while writing this for instance, I get Please enter the URL for this link dialog box, but when I click OK, I don’t get to choose what to call it, like I used to up until a few months ago I think, but are thrown back to the Message field with an URL.

How do I get to name my links like I used to?

I always just do it by hand.

You just type:

{url=}Your text here{/url}

using square brackets instead of curly ones, and you get:

Your text here

I don’t either. I can’t get it to work.


Becomes Straightdope

I believe you have to type the “name” part by hand.

So click Insert Link, hit OK, and then type the name after the first ].

When you do this, the text that appears in the reply box is partly highlighted. Type your link name there.

Type what you want the hyperlink to sayand then highlight it and click on the Insert Link tool. Paste in the address and you have a link with a name.


elmwood comments on this in post #15, like so:

I enter the URL, click ‘ok’, delete the already highlighted text, and type in something like ‘post #15’ as a descriptor.

Didn’t know about this.

makes note

Thank you (and everybody else).

When I use the insert link button without selecting text first, it generates the default link caption as the URL itself. This is selected, so it’s replaced when I just start typing the caption I want. This is actually kind of slick, and it’s better than the previous implementation.

It has actually always worked like that, although before, you first got a window with the text. That text defaulted to the highlighted text in your post. If you hit OK it went to the next window with the URL.

Thanks all. Wait until it’s time to post my next link. I’ll open a thread asking where this thread might be. (not really)