Making links

Before the upgrade, when I clicked on the “insert link” icon, I first got a dialog box in which I could enter the text I wanted to be linked, and then I’d get a dialog box where I could enter the URL.

Since the upgrade, when I click on the “insert link” icon, I only get the “enter URL” dialog box. How do I link the URL to text?

I found the way.

Go through the routine to create linked text.
You will notice that the text string is partly highlighted, type your text there to replace it.

runner pat, I’m extraordinarily dense. Can you be more explicit? The routine I went through in the past was to type merrily along until I got to a place I want to add a link. Then I clicked on the “make link” icon, typed the text, clicked OK, then entered the URL.

At what point should I see a partly highlighted text string?


When you use the system now, it creates the text above, with the bolded part highlighted. Just start typing after the popup goes away and the bolded part will be replaced by whatever you type.

I got it. Thanks!

Telemark, thanks for providing a clearer explanation. :slight_smile:

You can also type your text, then high light any words you want to turn into a link, then click the URL button and insert the webpage address after. Very useful for adding links after the fact!

If you have Firefox, you can also use this handy extension.

Oooh! Cool add-on! If you’re a Mac user like me, it’s also available on the Firefox site. The other one downloads as an XP installer file.

Has the Inset Link changed? It used to be that it had two screens, one in which to put the URL and the other to give it a name.

Now, the first screen is to put in th link, and after doing this, I hit “OK” and it just puts the entire URL into the post.

Here’s an example:

What am I missing, or doing wrong?

You aren’t doing anything wrong.

It’s a new feature implemented alongside the August 2008 upgrade. Click the link below for an explanation.


Thanks, mnemosynethat seems a very easy way.