At what age did you develop chest/body hair?

I just turned 25 two weeks ago and have noticed that my shoulders have started sprouting little pubes a la Seth Brundle in ‘The Fly’. I’m getting distressed as my dad is a hairy mofo and according to my mom was hairless at the time of their marriage (when he was 22) . I’m hoping against hope that 25 is old enough to ensure hairlessness for life apart from my brundle-hairs that I have already. Please substantiate my beliefs!

Sorry. I’ve been involved with a number of men who’ve “sprouted” at around 30.

My husband has about twice the chest/body hair at 30 that he did at 20. Sadly, this includes his back and his Hobbit butt.

Dammit! Dammit all to hell! What am I gonna do?

Wax it or flaunt it. Spin it to the positive- built in handles for the ladies!

Waxing sounds like a lot of work. Do guys actually do that? How often do they have to do that? FYI body hair I find slightly disturbing.

Yes, some do. My brother “manscapes,” and I have no idea why he thought he should share it with me. Anyway, waxing usually is done every 6-8 weeks, at home or at a spa or salon or such. Avoid the sack wax or anything with the term “Brazilian” in it.

Ask for a deal on a combined back, crack and sack wax.

I got my first chest hairs at 12. Quit your whining.

Beard, 12
Chest, 16
Gray, 18


Don’t be hatin’ on body hair. Mine came in around 13 and I’ve no desire to get rid of it. Grooming/keeping it under control is one thing, but the widespread attitude that its very existence makes you some kind of hideous circus freak is wrongheaded and, frankly, offensive. Some people like it and even prefer it.

Suck it up you big baby.


It’s not like a giant mole, or hair out of your ears, or anything like that.

It’s just you. And why should you have a problem, unless you’re shedding in great big clumps.

If you want to remove it, do so, but I don’t see why you would find it disturbing!

Short 'n Curlies: 12
Whiskers: 14
Chest: 15
Back: 18
Upper Arms: 18-19

The hair around my shoulder blades is long, luscious and has bare patches. My friends call them cropcircles. I’ve had a bird-shape of chest hair since 16. I don’t recommend waxing, lest you should wind up with a Thing on your back (where the hell did that thread go? Dammit!) from an ingrown hair. Learn to be hirsute. It ‘suits’ you. har.

I prefer hairfree guys, and Mr. Snicks used to be one. Since we married, he’s started to get a slightly furry chest (and I’m guess I’m stuck with it 'cuz his dad also has a slightly furry chest). But I really like the guy a lot, so I deal.

You’ll be fine.

You know, some of us women prefer men with body hair. Give me hairy over bare any day. Back hair? Don’t care. Butt hair? Just fine by me. Chest hair? Duh-rool, duh-rool.

Pubic hair - 14
Armpit hair - 15
Facial Hair - 16
Chest Hair - 36 :eek:

I’m 32, and I have exactly one chest hair that occasionally grows right in the center of my sternum. My wife just yanks it out whenever she sees it. I also had a hair grow on my shoulder once, it got yanked and hasn’t been seen since.

I started early on and had pretty good “body” coverage ( pubic, stomach, and chest, with just a tiny bit on shoulder and back ) by age thirteen / fourteen. I really liked the fact that I was hairy – it helped make up for the fact that I was pretty short and unathletic !

I was able to have 1970s “lambchop” sideburns by this age as well – by my late teens I could have grown a substantial beard (though it grew slowly!), and was shaving about three times a week.

I don’t understand the current trend toward hairlessness at all – having a hairy body just makes me feel “manly”, even though I am certainly not given to typically “macho” attitudes!. I am currently 44 and now have a fairly good amount of hair on my back. I wouldn’t mind at all if my arms and legs were a bit hairier. For some strange reason, my leg hair started to become much more sparse while I was in my late twenties – I have no idea why!

My timeline:

Pubes - 12
Armpits - 14
Face - 15
Chest - 17
Back/Shoulders - 22

I use a beard trimmer pretty much all over whenever it begins to get out of hand, which is about every three or four weeks. I don’t take it all the way down, I just trim it all. I find it’s easier to get myself clean in the shower that way. YMMV.


My beard started turning gray at 30. I’m 43 with a white beard and salt & pepper hair.