ATF Disrupts Obama Assassination plot.

I take some comfort in realizing that these two mouth-breathers are too stupid to come close to gettin to Obama, but, then again, they could’ve still hurt a whole lot of innocent people along the way.

You’d have thought that Sara Jane Moore and Squeaky Fromme were both too incompetent to organize a fart at a bean eating contest, but both were able to pull guns within range of a President of the United States, one got a shot off, and the other failed to only because she had failed to chamber a round beforehand.

Personally, I think the crazy and/or stupid ones are the dangerous ones. They are the ones more likely to actually try it, and possibly get lucky. Most people who hate a President enough to kill him will sooner or later realize that the odds of them surviving and escaping are real low even if they succeed; so at some point they’ll give up the idea.

I thought the one failed because Jerry Ford tripped and fell, causing the webbing between his thumb and forefinger to get jammed between the hammer and the primer. :wink:

Not to be a downer, but the one who got a shot off failed because a decorated marine named Oliver Sipple grabbed the gun and saved President Ford’s life. He was a closeted gay, and asked not to be outed, but was revealed as a homosexual by gay activists who were looking to show that homosexuals could be heroic. His only reward for risking his life to save Ford’s was a letter from the president, he didn’t even get an invitation to the White House. He ended up regretting the exposure that the act brought him, and died at the age of 47.

I wonder if they planned on driving an Oldsmobile during this attack?

The sad thing is that if they lived through the plot they would end up in prison as gods to the aryan brotherhood.

I wonder if there any all black prisons they can be sent to?

What sort of mostly black high school were they planning to attack? Because my first consideration would be “Are some of these kids packing heat?”

…about their future existence! Why this agency continues to exist is beyond me-its responsibilities are duplicated by a bunch of other federal and state LEOs.
I guess they can all breath a sigh of relief! The agency will survive