O.K., now this shit is beginning to really frighten me.

A bear is shot in the head, draped in Obama signs and thrown on a NC college campus.

We’ve got Sarah Palin, Bachmann and another Rep., Robin Hayes, telling supporters who the ‘real Americans’ are and we got jack-assed terrormongers killing bear cubs as, what I can only guess is, a warning. What the fuckity-fuck?

Can we get the Secret Service in on this? Or is this not the threat I think it is? Motherfuck, I’m so angry over this I can’t even explain it. Angry and scared. Jesus Mofongo Christ, I hope all this ends in two weeks.

Unbelievable. I saw an image on the internet this weekend that showed pictures of JFK, Martin Luther King, Jr., Bobby Kennedy, and Malcolm X greyed out, with Obama in full-color, with the words, “It’s only a matter of time.”

What the fuck is WRONG with this country? Is the idea of a black president that repulsive to some people? :frowning: This is not 1850 and no man is your ‘boy’ anymore. Get the fuck over it. :mad:

I share your fear Biggirl. I had no idea there were so many sick Americans running around unsupervised.

While the bear killing is stupid and deplorable, I doubt the Secret Service is taking it seriously. I don’t understand what the hell the message was supposed to be, and I’m not sure anyone else does either.

Things will calm down after the election. We [filthy hippies] didn’t riot after Bush was reelected, and we were twice as pissed.

Maybe it was a sacrifice to the bear market (har har).

But the “filthy hippies” are better, saner people. And the Democrats hadn’t been inciting this kind of lunacy.

Strangely enough, lefties don’t have much to say about Sandra Bernhard’s snarling rant about her “black brothers” gang raping Sarah Palin.

That’s because she’s such a loser that lefties won’t even listen to her.

That’s because Sandra Bernhard is an idiot and nobody listens to her anyway. Plus she’s an “entertainer” (yes, that’s a matter of opinion–not mine) and people pay her to be provocative. Big difference between that and actually killing stuff and blatantly hinting that a presidential candidate is next.

ETA: beaten by Uncommon Sense. Hmm, maybe it’s more common after all. :wink:

I never knew Sandra Bernhard was such a respected spokesperson for the lefties. Fuck me, I must be way out of the loop.

Probably because they didn’t know about it. Who the hell pays attention to Sandra Bernhard?

Anyway, that’s pretty fucked up. She issues a sort-of-clarification to the NY Daily News:

ETA: Beaten to it by… everyone. Seriously, though, we wouldn’t claim her as a spokesperson any more than conservatives would claim… well, you, actually.

Fuck Sandra Bernhard. She gets way more airtime than she should, which is any at all. I despise that woman.

It doesn’t really seem very pointed since a bear cub and Obama have no obvious link, no recognizable association. I think someone just shot one and then did something stupid with the carcass as opposed to deliberately going out and doing something intended to convey a real threat.

While there are scary people out there, this strikes me as the random pairing of a dumbass and an afterthought.

This is my thought, as well.

How do you get inside the head of someone who’d try to make a political point with a dead bear cub? On second thoughts, do I even want to?

In fairness, the article did point out that bear season is underway.

I guess you missed this thread then. Oh wait, you posted in that thread. Hmm. I guess there weren’t enough people posting in it for your taste then. That thread shoulda gone on for pages and pages, like the Starving Artist trainwreck, the one where he denounces all liberals for the collapse of modern civilization. 'Cause a semi-celebrity making a racist joke about rape is at least as engaging a topic as that, right?

Maybe it didn’t because nobody gives a crap about Sandra Bernhard.

And that has what to do with why the left didn’t riot or try to assassinate Bush when he was re-elected, which is what Really Not All That Bright was speaking of ?

And she’s just one person anyway. Not a political campaign or political party. There really isn’t much for “the lefties” to say. Although I understand she’s lost some gigs over this, and apologized. What more should they do, in response to one loudmouth ?

The nastiness and craziness from the right is widespread; not just one person. When McCain said Obama was “decent person and a person that you do not have to be scared of as president of the United States”, he was booed by his own supporters.

It’s the Republicans who have for years threatened and hinted at political violence, not the Democrats. The Democrats don’t have anti Bush bumper stickers that read “Where’s Lee Harvey Oswald When We Need Him ?” The Republicans did have anti-Clinton stickers like that. The Republicans are the thug party, among their many other disgusting qualities.

Agreed. It’s open season on bears, some idiot shoots a cub, and they grab some yard signs and turn it into a foolish prank.

I don’t think it was intended as some kind of Obama effigy. That’s not to say that there aren’t morons out there who would love to see Obama get a bullet to the head. But that is also true of any US president. There is always some nut who wants to kill them, which is why they have such intense security.

I didn’t realize there was already a thread on this. I reported my own self.

Those who don’t see an association between the bear and Obama-- um, a deab black bear wearing Obama signs? That isn’t a clear association?