Atheists know more about religion (Pew)

Agnostics, too. The idea seems to be that after being forced to know about all this stuff, they react negatively, and reject the whole thing.

This is what I found most amusing:

That doesn’t surprise me. However, with my Catholic parents, it’s a different different story: “That Martin Luther! Don’t get me started on that uppity, holier-than-thou Martin Luther!” as my mom always says.

The quiz is here: U.S. Religious Knowledge Quiz | Pew Research Center. I took it but it took a few tries because it kept timing out. I’m an atheist, and I got 15 out 15 correct, FWIW.

The part that surprises me is that evangelicals did better than Catholics. My personal experience has led me to conclude that Catholics were better prepared to engage in theological disputes than protestants.

Christian, and also 15/15. I enjoy studying all religions, though.

I’m greatly entertained that Jews scored slightly better on the whole than even atheists/agnostics. Judaism is about the only religion I would want to join, and that’s a good illustration why.

I only got 13 out of 15. Missed the question about the Sabbath (the Jews would reject me anyway :D) and the First Great Awakening. In my defense, I don’t actually care.

It does concern me that verrrry few people get the “Bible as literature” question wrong, though. Even Jews and a-types only got 40% on it.

Atheist. Perfect score. I found the quiz to be disappointingly easy. As basic as it gets.

Only 11% got the Great Awakening" question right. That’s below random chance.

I missed the Sabbath question, too. Saturday is involved somehow, right?

But in my secular household, The Great Awakening comes up surprisingly often.

Well, I only got 11. But for me this is surprisingly good. I suck at these categories on Jeopardy.

“What was Mother Teresa’s religion?”…:rolleyes:

I got 15/15 and I’m a Christian (white mainline Protestant fwiw).

Saturday, yes, but the “days” in Jewish tradition are measured from sunset to sunset, so the Sabbath actually starts at sundown on friday and ends at sundown on saturday.

50%(q 63) said don’t know despite “don’t know” not being a given option (28% B.Graham, 10% Finney). Seems that most people never really heard of them and those that answered went with the currently best known of the three. (links are pdfs)

You might be surprised. They took me, after all.

If you’re interested, but too lazy to dig up the full report (pdf), here is the complete list of 32 questions:

I actually did know that, but I had a brainfart and defaulted to “The Sabbath is on Saturday.”

Thanks. I still knew 100% of the answers, and still think the whole thing is disappointingly easy.

That’s a tricky one. Services are on Saturday, but the sabbath begins Friday at sundown.

15/15 for me too.

I’m reading the survey methodology section of the full report. They got a 17.2% response rate. That’s dismal. Anyone care to speculate about that? Why didn’t people want to answer these questions? Are we seeing any selection bias in the results?

15/15 but it was a 50/50 guess on one of them. Most were pretty easy but I would have missed some without the religious training I had in my youth.