ATHF is gone

Dammitall. Thank god i recorded about 50 15 minute episodes before adult swim took it off and replaced it with sealab2021. Are there other stations that carry ATHF or do i have to buy the DVDs.

What? Gone as in cancelled?

Caaarrrtooonnn Neeetttwwooorrk, CUUURRRSSSE!!!

Yeah, they’ve kind of been making a big deal about it. Lots of promos and everything about how the last episode was coming soon, so buy the DVDs and all that.

Fear not! It returns on August 15 with new episodes. Mr Greywolf and I had the same “Nooooo, not Aqua Teens!” panic until we checked out the Adult Swim site.
It didn’t help that they also ran a commercial advertising the “Very last and final episode of ATHF” last week either. Still not sure what that was all about but the site still says all new episodes starting this weekend, so all is well.

It’s better to go out on top while you’re still funny than wait around and alienate your fans. It’s too bad Sealab’s taking its place… that show was never funny in the first place.

Sealab blows.

Its just a joke. ATHF is not cancelled. They did this before with The Brak Show. ATHF is getting the best ratings of all the AS originals.

ATHF is pretty funny, but it doesn’t have Erik Estrada. Sealab 2021 has Erik Estrada. Therefore, Sealab 2021 is the better show. Q.E.D.

It’s a joke. They even had to make it an anouncement over at Toonzone.

I think I figured it out in the Venture Bros. thread from a couple days ago.

Hmm, I may have assumed too much. If you’re just talking about the twice a day showings Monday through Thursday. Those are gone to promote the Sealab DVD and the to not overload people with the new Aqua Teen season starting soon on sundays only.

They shouldn’t play these 15 minute episodes twice on weekdays anyway. They run through them too fast. We must have gone through the ATHF set 3 or 4 times before the switched it out. Better to have a variety. Boy, weekdays are going to be sad once new Conan episodes stop any day now. Damn, I might even stop watching Adult Swim on those days, :frowning:

And since no one answered this. ATHF is an Adult Swim original. They make it so no one else will be showing it. At least in the US. If you know some Canadians check out Teletoon. They do have some CN stuff and might pick up the series eventually.

According to one of their recent cards they wont be selling the third volume of the DVDs until next summer. But if you’ve got about 50 you probably have them all. The new episode on the 15th is episode number 45.

Slight Hijack-

Any dopers who are ATHF fans ought to play the 2 ATHF games on Adult Swim. One is where you play Strip Poker with Carl (the stuff he says is a riot) and the other one is where Carl lost his head and you have to use Meatwad to change into stuff to help him get his head back. Very funny! :stuck_out_tongue:

Could someone kindly explain what ATHF is?

Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Numba one in tha hood, G

You could watch Lupin the Third. Granted, Fujiko isn’t quite as hot as Rachel, but Lupin is arguably a more entertaining character than Conan.

I’ve seen all the Lupins. Fujiko is … well built. Do you know who she remains me of now? Salma Hayek. I can’t shake it even though she’s not Japanese. Anyway it’s just a lousy schedule for those of us who’ve been watching AS since the beginning. Six straight hours of repeats. And all so repeated that I’d rather be watching something else. Well, except for Futurama which I can still watch even though I’ve seen each episode many times. The only good days are saturday & sunday. They should bring in something they’ve not played in a long time. Like Tenchi Universe or Space Ghost Coast to Coast. Man, I’d beg for SG:C2C.

Oh, and it looks like they’ve just bumped up the ATHF DVDs to this November. So they’ll probably put them back on weekdays by then. Too long of a wait?

I am glad to hear that ATHF being cancelled was just a cruel joke perpetuated by AS. I hadn’t really looked into it, so when I saw the comercials on TV saying it was the last episode I believed them.

I’m not a big fan of Sealab 2021, but that opening song sure is catchy.

Sealab usually tries too hard to be wacky, without the effortlessness that ATHF seems blessed with, but that Capt. Murphy was frickin hilarious.