Atlanta Area Dopers: 97.1 The River STILL New?!

There is a local radio station in Atlanta that has been advertising for the past 2 years (or more) that it is “” New “”. How is this possible? Isn’t there some law, against this?

Can’t answer the OP, but:

Have they been around that long? Wow… To me they are still the oldies station.

To me, they are the station that starts bleeding over into my favorite station at a certain point of my commute to school. :frowning: *-

Actually, there is a legal decision by the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals (PDF) that protects the right of advertisers to make such claims, known as puffery:

“New” is a subjective term, not a factual one, so the FTC is unlikely to consider it false advertising.

technically, it’s constantly emitting new radio waves from its transmitter?

It’s been driving me crazy also. I don’t see how that legal reasoning applies. A reasonable person would take it literally, that they were a new station. And they’re not. Just because it’s subjective doesn’t mean it’s arbitrary.

So, how old is a radio station when they cease to be ‘new’?

People’s opinions would differ, but they would be within a certain range. I would think almost everybody would agree it’s less than 6 months. Certainly not two years.

I would disagree. I would think many people would believe that so long as there is no other newer stations, the latest entry into the market can call itself ‘new’. 2 years, 3 years, it is still the new station until another comes along.

There have been plenty of new stations.

Interesting, My background is Marketing, I sooooo didn’t pick this up as Puffery. I thought that Puffery, on its face, had to compare the product in question, to a similar product.

I mean, I was thinking they were actively seeking out a loophole ((That is, every 6 months, or some other “reasonable” time frame, they would purposefuly do something to re-register as “new”. Add watts, or move their signal, something.)) to maintain the phrasing.

That platform moved down to 106.7 I believe.

Yeah, we actually lost a country music station, somehow. Go figure.

Well, they’re certainly not alone. Locally, we have a station that calls itself La Nueva 92.5. La Nueva literally means “The New One”, and this is the only name they’ve had since at least 2005. This is a CBS station, so I doubt very highly that they are in violation of any regulation with the name.

I don’t mind them calling themselves The New One, though. They are newer than the format they used to be, and I can’t imagine caring what a radio station calls itself.

Well geologically speaking, they are new.