Atlanta prosecutor investigating Trump phone call to find more votes

Atlanta is deep blue so I doubt Trump wants to go on trial there. He may have to take a plea

Well, the Trump defenders in the impeachment trial SAID that if Trump committed crimes then criminal prosecution should be used, rather than impeachment.

So thanks for the suggestion lads!

But hey, I’m sure Trump will be OK. Oh wait. One of Trump’s advisers thinks he might not:

The adviser said the former President could be in serious jeopardy if he finds himself charged in criminal court, given his inability to attract a high-powered legal team for the impeachment trial.

“Trump is f–ked if anyone ever charges him. No one wants to work with him,” the adviser said.

Perry Mason, Matlock, the bald guy from Murder One, and Johnny Cochrane don’t want to work with him as well. :slight_smile:

Trump’s ‘inept’ lawyer compared to My Cousin Vinny after opening speech at impeachment trial

From that article:

Not so good of an analogy, Vinnie won his case due the testimony of a expert and quite hot witness.

He would have won regardless. He successfully created A LOT of doubt.

I have felt for some time that impeachment was really nothing more than symbolic struggle and that the way to attack Trump was through the courts and criminal justice system. I’m glad that someone is launching a criminal investigation. I hope that the DOJ does the same and that they go after his enablers (Giulani et al).

I think the real legacy needs to be to teach everyone going forward that criminal justice still exists in this country and that the laws still have teeth for those who engage in corrupt attempts to subvert democratic institutions.

And I’d like a pony that poops skittles. I bet I get my wish first.

I tend to doubt that Trump gets indicted by anyone other than Cy Vance, but I think there’s a fairly good chance that some people close to Trump get prosecuted.