Atomicbadgerrace you are a moron(mild)

From this thread.

United airlines policy stating:

is some kind of arbitrary statement that means if a flight attendant feels like being generous they might help you.

his equivalent.

Maybe it’s because I’m really tired, but I have no idea what this thread is about. Do I have to read like, a whole other thread to figure it out?

I’m somewhat ashamed to say that my first pitting is this pathetic nonsense. Really?

Anyway, I thought I was being civil and “agreeing to disagree” in our interpretations. So sorry if you were offended, or expected a Grant.

Don’t apologize, you stupid fuck. This is your chance to heap oodles of profane scorn on someone who lamely struck first, justifying all the vitriol you can spew.

I’ve never been pitted seriously, either.

Rabble rabble rabble!

I think he’s right. A business has lawyers for this sort of thing. If they wanted to unambiguously state a requirement, they would use will instead of can.

I bet it’s a way to keep from getting sued if not every passenger gets helped.

Except, you mustn’t call him a cunt.

I could judge this pitting one of the most heinous, vitriolic and vicious I have ever seen.

I see your logic is having a small one is better than a large one if your going to flounce it about the boards.

Well, yes, that, plus I didn’t want anyone to overhear me. What with this reporting business, and all.

Look out, the Hamburgler!

*What? *

This post has been…


Huh…I always thought he was saying ‘robber robber robber’…


Maybe it was “Rommel Rommel Rommel?”

The Huggy squeezy kitty forum is down the hall, I assume you to meant to post this in it?

(Seriously, tepid pits like this just cry out for a disproportionate response. I demand a Nuclearbadger to come in here and kick some internet nads.)

According to Wiki he says ‘Robble, Robble.’

Yeah…listening to a YouTube clip of it, it does sound like Robble Robble. Weird…all these years I thought it was Robber Robber. See? You learn something new on the SD every day!


You know who else said “Rommel Rommel Rommel”?


You magnificent bastard, I read your post!