Atonement by Suicide?

Is that what the OP did?

Would this be considered their suicide note?


What I said was about the caption of the Staten Island Ferry who ran home and tried to kill himself afterward: my gut reaction was, “he did the Right Thing.”

You can make the argument, of course, that “one moire death doesn’t solve anything,” but if through accident or negligence I were responsible for some horrendous event, I’d do the same. And if it were my mother or sister killed on the Ferry, I would feel a little assuaged knowing the captain felt badly enough to do away with himself—a totally irrational reaction, I realize.

I probably phrased it better in the OP, I hope the hamster choked on it.

the hampster committed suicide.

“Caption” of the Ferry . . . Yeah. Those would be the words running under it, that got caught in the rudder . . . Damn hamsters.

Isn’t that a band name? Shouldn’t this be in Cafe Society?

Does the captain have a wife and/or kids?

If I were the man who had been decapitated, I wouldn’t feel a bit comforted if the pilot killed himself. Nor if I were the woman who had both of her legs sliced off.

The guy could have felt really guilty for killing and hurting all those people. Or he could have been scared about the trouble and stigma he’ll have to endure for the rest of his life. The latter feeling, while natural, isn’t something that’s exactly admirable.

A valiant person would have stayed on the boat and tried to save folks. Suicide is not a valiant way to go in this situation, especially a chicken-shit attempt at it (pellet gun?! 911?!).

Also, this man had a wife and kids. What’s killing yourself going to do for them, but make a tragic situation even more hellish?

Of course, it’s easy for me to judge. If I had been the pilot, I probably would have thought about suicide too. But I would probably do a lot of bad things under certain circumstances… doesn’t make them less “bad”.