Attack of the Carnivorous Caterpillars!

Picture it: a sunny summer day on the beaches of Hawaii. Tourists and locals alike scurry across the sands, swim, and soak up rays.

But then, a disturbance, at first so distant that few pay attention. But as the screams grow louder, and more people in terrified flight pass, the beachgoers start to take notice. Then they hear it: the snapping trees, the squelching, the bone-crunching chewing.

It is then that the full horror strikes: the peaceful island state is overrun by flesh-eating caterpillars!!!

Coming soon to a theatre near you…

Um…ew. And to think my radishes just got eaten by some caterpillars. (Completely, by the way. Bastards).

Sorry for the double post, but HAH! Another proof of evolution:

And this is the coolest part:

Do those caterpillars carry teeny-tiny salt shakers, or miniscule bowls of garlic butter?

They should pit these flesh-eaters against the nightmarish giant centipedes of Hawaii and see who wins.