Attack of the Clones -- A Dilemma!

So there it sits on my hard drive, AOTC.rtf, the script to “Attack of the Clones.” Just sitting there, right on my Mac’s desktop whispering “Read me! Read me you will! Yes!”

I had to be weak willed and download it… I couldn’t wait for the print version to come out… Noooo… So here I am, about to read it… I guess, I mean, I read scripts to movies all of the time, so there’s no reason I shouldn’t read this one… Right?

I suppose, instead of reading it, I could import it into my screenwriting software… I’d have to “clean up” the formatting, so I could just “skim” it as I do that… And then, of course, I’ll end up reading it tomorrow.

You know, I didn’t want to read the screenplay to this film before I saw it. But here I am, about to anyway. My kingdom for a backbone…

Ooh, I like the first scene… :slight_smile:



You must, must tell meeeeeee…


Where I got it, i cannot say. Having skimmed it, it is a mid-draft shooting script. Clearly not the final draft. However, I am not opposed to parting with a copy of it…

You realize that a squad of guys in shiny white armor are about to knock on your door with blasters, right? You just don’t mess with Lucasfilm.

There’s a script?!? I figured they were just going to make the whole damn thing up on the computer like they did with Phantom Menace.

I’ve spent so much money on Star Wars stuff in the last 20 years, I should be a stockholder in LucasFilm. :slight_smile:

The script has been available online for a few weeks. But it’s the shooting script from back in August 2000, not the final draft (there have been many additions made since then, including an entire detailed action scene).

I haven’t read it. Not interested. I’ll see it when I see it.

So? Not like they actually HIT anything with their blasters…