So I just finished reading the Episode II Script.

Not bad. I liked it actually.

Neato. Thanks for sharing.

Dude, thats extreme.


I was fairly impressed with the copy of the script I read. The last act is a bit rushed, but I can tell from the previews that they’ve reorganized and expanded it a bit. It’s defintiely going to be the longest Star Wars film, and a major step up from TPM.

That’s assuming there a possible step down from the Phantom Movie.

Eh, if you read it online, then it’s not the version that’ll appear on the big screen. confirms it. Harry watched it on tape at a hotel.

Mr Salads, no, this is not the final draft of the script that I have read. It reads like the first draft after the transition from script to shooting script. Every line of dialogue in all the commercials and trailers (including the TV ads released this past Thursday) is in the script in one form or another, so its a script from late in the game, but not quite done.

And personally, pesch, I liked TPM. Sure, parts of it grate, but I love everything on Coruscant, and the entire last act.


Anyone else wanna looksee? (link removed by TubaDiva)
I’m unsure how credible this script is. There’s some very obvious typos, although perhaps that is consistent with a draft script. (You’d think if it was a fake, the writer would do a better job.) Mr Salads, I read the article on and the it doesn’t seem to conflict with the script I linked to.

Just took a look at the alleged script again. The dialogue reported by Harry on (“Where are you going?” “To get something to drink”) is all there.

** IANAM**, but I am someone with a lot of respect for copywright laws in this country.

You’re linking to a piece of intellectual property that is NOT for sale in the public world. It’s privately owned property, and as such, you guys are opening up the Chicago Reader, as well as our Straight Dope world to a hellacious amount of heartache.

Not very cool.

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Interesting point. I admit in my excitement I did not consider copyright issues when linking to the above material. Sincere apologies if this breaches SDMB policy. (BTW, I’ve checked ATMB a few times for general posting policy, but haven’t seen anything like this come up before.)

NB: In my curiosity, I just spoke to a friend about this. (She lectures in intellectual property law.) Of course, the answer was (as it is in many legal topics dealing with the Internet) that the position is quite uncertain. Intuitively, she thought it could never be an offense to simply link to copyright material (after all, a hyperlink is simply a location pointer). However, some US courts have ruled that linking may offend copyright when it against the expressed wishes of the copyright holder and if the link points to copyrighted material with the purpose of disseminating that material.

Interesting stuff.

So I must conclude that possibly my link counted as contributory infringement of the work’s copyright. Although, a strong argument could be made on the basis that the purpose of the link was to foster discussion on the validity of the alleged script. The script itself is unattributed.

Nonetheless, one thousand apologies. I made an error in judgement.

Bad dialogue i will speak, Spielburg directed should have uuummm!

Doesn’t the book version of Episode 2 come out before the movie? I could have sworn Episode 1 was at B&N long before it was in the theaters.

Spielberg is a sentimental hack who hasn’t made a good movie in years. The last thing Star Wars needs is to be defiled by the man who made AI and the first two of the horrid Jurassic Park movies.

I removed the link to the script.

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