Attacks by FAX??? What kind of a war is this???

I read the headline in the Sun-Time Bin Laden ATTACKS BY FAX.

What the heck kind of a stupid war is this?

What happened to the good old days when wars were faught in Europe in countries and places you could pronounce.

And fought against countries not individuals.

And they used guns and bombs not airliners to kill people.

Is this anyway to fight a war?

Hell, if he’s attacking by fax, I know how to deal with that! I’ve seen Office Space lots of times!

There’s a Monty Python sketch hiding in there somewhere…

Maybe Bush can get OBL’s email adress and send him that picture of the rebuilt WTC that looks like a hand flipping the bird. Ohhhhhh, what a burn!

Or maybe he can send him the one about everyone stepping out and lighting a candle so NASA can take their picture. When he’s the only guy in Afghanistan to actually step out with a lit candle, we drop a 100 ton weight on him, like in a cartoon.

Ain’t I a stinker!

WE could always send him copies of Chicken Soup for the Soul…that might drive him over the edge.

No, we need to send him that Gordon Sinclair article.

…and win the Taliban’s starving ‘citizens’ over by sending them plain old chicken soup.