How To Samsh Bin Laden!

Here is a plan I’ve thought about-it is not ethical, and would involve killing some innocent people…but as a famous French general once said-“you can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs”-here goes:
-we have the CIA plant bombs in the embassies of Arab countries, along with incriminating documents (implicating the OBL rganization)
-we arrange to detonate these bombs simultaneously across the world
-we then launch a disinformation campaign, where the OBL organizations talks about"the need to punish Arab traitors for their cowardly alliance with the USA, etc., etc.This is accompanied by spurious broadcasts from his headquarters in Afghanistan
I know, it isn’t pretty, but at this point NO arab government could logically oppose the US position. Heck, they might just turn him over themselves.
Again, messy, dangerous, and possibly unjustified. But desperate times call for desperate measures…

No, no they don’t. Really.

And this would accomplish . . . what?


The OP is vaguely familiar; wasn’t it a plot line in the computer game Command And Conquer?

I’ll take “Global campaigns of finance, intelligence, military strength, and humanitarian aid” for $1 trillion, Alex.

  1. capture OBL, fly his ass to a secret hospital, perform a sex-change operation on him, return him to Kabul to be treated “within the limits of Islam” as a woman.

  2. wait until the winter snow is quite heavy on the mountain tops at which point we bomb the hell out of said mountains and create avalanches throughout the country to bury these bastards until Spring thaw.

How about this one:

A crack team of special forces operatives is dropped into Afghanistan with Buddy1. They locate the secret hideout of Osama Bin Laden and shove his head up Buddy1’s ass. Alternatively they could shove Buddy1’s head up Bin Laden’s ass.

I just wanted to post to say that when I originally read this thread title, I thought it said, “How to Sammich Bin Laden.”

Yeah! What that boy needs is a nice ham and turkey on rye, I tell you what.

While I must admit that this reply had me sniggering like a drunken schoolchild (not that I advocate getting schollchildren drunk, mind you), I have to point out that the problem is that first you have to get Buddyl’s head out first:slight_smile:

(When I first saw the topic title, my response was “Drop a meteor thirty miles across onto Kabul. The ensuing impact and smoke cloud will do the rest.” Duno why.)

Buddyl, are you Wildest Bill in disguise by any chance?

Well, what we do is pour the foundation of hand-made cement over bin Laden, then put the frames up. Then we put even-sized boards all around the frames. Afterwards, we put shaped wood on the floor and tack it together-like. Afterwards, we put the roof on top. That is how to make a barn. What, you didn’t say how to “Amish” bin Laden?

You, evidently, are not too familiar with the Taliban.

And besides, the Taliban don’t even have any embassies.