Osama, Omar Dead!


All hearsay. I’d be skeptical about it at this point. A National Review story about a Chinese website that reports Taliban rumors?

It’s makes the Washington Press Corps look reliable.

what! I dont get any chocolates for telling this news.?

Not saying you don’t deserve kudos for bringing it to our attention.

Just saying it looks shaky from here. Report-wise. Not Googler-wise.

Because we all love you, Googler.

Let’s show him some love, folks!

I heard Fatboy Limbaugh talking about this yesterday, he thought it peculiar that Donald Rumsfeld say “we may never catch bin-Laden” as code for he’s already dead. The theory is the US is spiking this story since many Americans will call for the military operataion to end when in actuality killing bin-Laden is simply the tip of the iceberg in the New War. If you keep Americans thinking he’s still running around, it is easier to justify the operation.

ah, vinnie, you always crack me up!

i wanna see his dead, burnt body! then, when were sure he’s dead, go west to iraq and get ole’ saddam! (as long as were in the neighborhood)

This one is really hard to believe.

If both of these scumbags had been executed by other factions within the Taleban, the organization would be tripping all over themselves in their haste to display the corpses to our armed forces. The post mortem exhibition would be one of their only hopes for a quick cessation of the bombing campaign underway in Afghanistan.

As much as I’d like to think this really happened, I strongly doubt it. Besides, we need to get all of the Taleban and not just their “spiritual” @sshole, er… leader.