Attempted Antarctic Assasination. Justified?

One Russian dude in Antarctic facility stabs the other in the heart, because the victim kept spoiling the ends of the books he was reading. If I’m on that jury, the defense has a shot at justifiable.

Victim looks to be surviving in Chilean hospital.

I’ve been to various Chilean hospitals. I wouldn’t count on it.

Anyways, I’m curious who, if anyone, prosecutes aggravated assault in Antarctica.

If true, justified, because of the location.

It’s a glass half frozen sort of issue.

On an annual basis, Vostok Stationgets more hours of sunshine per year than virtually anywhere else inhabited. [Admittedly May-Aug is a touch gloomy]

Patently they need to get out more.

I believe the various bases there are treated as extra-territorial enclaves of the responsible nations, so any prosecution would be up to the authorities of that nation. In this case, Russia.

I would guess that this spoiling-the-plot behavior only is the last straw and that there must be a lot more other unmentioned annoying behavior going on.

Years ago, I had a boss who took a sabbatical to lead an expedition to the Antarctic.

we had a going-away party for him (we served Ice Cream Cake), at which I gave him a going-away present – a video to watch during the long hours they’d be sequestered away.

It was a copy of John Carpenter’s The Thing.

As Chris Rock said, I am not saying he should have tried to kill him, but I understand.