Attention all! I have been an ass, and must make amends...

To all, please read and hear a tale of woe,
My deep repentance with this rhyme I tell,
For injuries I caused not to a foe,
But to a friend I know, and love as well…
To, Arden Ranger, thee, my dearest friend,
A Lady strong in will, and thought, and mind,
Best birthday wishes do I to thee send,
And pray that on this day of birth you’ll find,
Whate’er your heart could wish for, that and more,
And happiness eternal to thee bound,
Wealth in friends and family, by the score,
And health to thee, I pray, forever sound.
Alas, these wishes come from me too late,
I missed thy day of birth by but one day,
My heart, it cries, my spirit doth berate,
I beg if thee forgiveness, nay, I pray!
For long, indeed, a faithful friend you’ve been,
And long have suffered through my daily woes,
A nobler Lady I have never seen,
Accept this gift, dear one, of words and prose.
And know that, though my mind may sometimes fail,
Forever will I think of us as friends,
So with these words I end my sorrowed tale,
And hope my rhyme might somehow make amends.

Happy Birthday, a day late, oh Lady of Arden…may thy heart be warmed and comforted, even if it had to wait a little! :slight_smile:





Well, I forgive you, you silly man.

The Lady of Shyrwoode, however…


Thanks, sweetie.

Instead of making amends, could you make me a hamburger?

I’m hungry.

Ding, ding, ding! Order’s up!