Attention all Toronto Dopers! (re: Dopefest)

Next Saturday, October 8, 7:00 p.m., at C’est What in the downtown area.

Hands up all who’re in!

W00t! I think I can make it (pending confirmation that an all-weekend event has been shifted to the following weekend).

Sorry, won’t be able to make it this year.

The transportation costs are just too much, and I am planning on going to Astronomicon this year here in Rochester.


Are Sunspace and I the only ones coming? :frowning:

Darn!! Why couldn’t the University Fair happen next week? I went today, but if it was happening next week, I could’ve gone and then gone to the DopeFest. If you can help me think of another excuse to go downtown, then maybe. :wink:

You’re… um. Studying! Studying with your friends. At the library. That’s it. :wink:

(The big university fair at the hotel, right? :smiley: Which ones are you thinking of?)

Last bump.

As much as I love Sunspace, and I do, it’s not going to be much of a Dopefest with only the two of us–so who’s in?

Muwahahaha… only now shall I tell you that no attempt at a Toronto Dopefest has ever succeeded without my participation!

[sub]Seriously, I hope you get more people. The Toronto folk have not been very good about getting together lately. Perhpas you need to post some names so that people vanity searching can find this thread.[/sub]

The one that was at the Metro Convention place. Is that a hotel? I don’t know.

Good idea, I’ll try that. The Dopefest seems kinda moot now, though–maybe some later date.

My bad! It was a long while ago and old fogies like me can’t remember :o Which universities are you considering?

U of T, Trent (because they have a forensic sciences program) and Ryerson.

U of T! U of T! U of T!

cough Sorry. It’s all good. :smiley:

sheepishly pokes head into thread

I’m a Toronto doper who has never come out to a 'fest, to my shame.

I confess that weeknights would work much better for me. I am always up for a good after-work drink. Weekends are a lot harder. But I guess for those coming from out of town, weekends are easier.

Are we destined to never meet again? sigh

What about all the other Southern Ontario dopers - Amazon Floozy Goddess, Dante, Kid A … I know there are others!
Oh, and U of T sux. I’d pick Trent if I had it to do over. Or Rye.

  • cowgirl, class of 9T9

Blasphemer! Heretic! Infidel! whaps with university crest :stuck_out_tongue:

(What college did you graduate from? I’m in Vic right now–we’ve got a decent cafe at Wymilwood, a great library in Pratt, a couple of good residences in Burwash…)