Attention GOP State Senators from Eastern Washington: Be careful what you wish for.

I doubt anyone outside Washington State would have any interest in the topic of this thread but I’m getting pretty sick of the idiocy displayed by the people who represent my district in the state legislature.

Every so often, some of the more conservative members of the Washington State Legislature from Eastern Washington (including my state senator) feel the need to “stick it” to the “liberals” in Seattle, King County, and the West Side by proposing that the state be split in two. These proposals always go nowhere and accomplish little except firing up the Seattle-haters on the eastern side of the state and wasting everyone else’s time. That will likely be the case this year but, unlike past efforts, this year’s proposal has gotten the support of a liberal Democrat from Seattle (Senator Andrew Kline). But this is not because he thinks it’s good idea–far from it.

Western Washington (especially King County and Pierce County) is the economic engine that runs the state. Eastern Washington, in contrast, has a lot fewer people and contributes a lot less revenue to state coffers. Moreover, while the Puget Sound area has economically boomed the last 25 years with the emergence of companies like Microsoft, Starbucks, and Amazon, most of Eastern Washington has lagged further and further behind the rest of the state in terms of economic growth, jobs, and wages. In fact, because the counties of Eastern Washington receive a greater share of state revenue than the counties of Western Washington, you can pretty much say liberal Democratic Western Washington has been hauling our sorry conservative Republican Eastern Washington ass around for years. Given this fact, it’s not surprising some of the Democrats from Seattle want to chuck an ungrateful load off the state’s back when it starts to whine. Senator Kline’s backing of the proposal to separate the state is just a more polite way of saying, “Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!”

In any case, I want to thank Senator Kline for telling the Republican bozos on my side of the state to put up or shut up. Hopefully, that will end this nonsense for awhile. Still, if this issue doesn’t die and Eastern Washington ends up splitting off and becoming the 51st state, I think an appropriate name for it would be “Western West Virginia”.

I agreed whole-heartedly. The usual bozos on this side of the mountains (as opposed to the folks on the “coast”) are really starting to piss me off. This is not an east/west thing no matter how the idiots try to spin it–it’s more of an urban/rural thing.

There are plenty of conservatives in wetter Washington; they just mostly live in the more economically depressed counties–Grays Harbor, Mason, Lewis–those counties are full of folks who don’t agree with the “liberals” in Seattle and Tacoma. There are also liberal people here in unenlightened :wink: east.

There is no way the eastern half of the state could make a go of it alone. Are we striving to be Idaho?

And while we’re at it: Doc Hastings for the Ethics Committee? Could they have picked a more obvious “yes” man for the job?

[jon stewart]Do they think we’re retarded?[/js]

I think it’s serve them right. Let everything east of E-burg try to go it alone, see how long they last.

Now, a more viable solution IMO would be to form a new state incorporating EWa and Eastern Oregon.

Fuck, if nothing else it would end my having to wait six years in line at Costco behind people who drive up here from Pendleton and don’t have to pay sales tax.

I used to hear this same story before, when living in Wisconsin. The Upper Peninsula of Michigan, along with the adjoining Wisconsin counties, would revolt at their tax dollars going to support Detroit welfare queens and Madison college brats, respectively, and so would threaten to secede and form the 51st state. Until it was pointed out to them that they’d then replace Alabama as the poorest state.

And yes, the new state of Eastern Washington (its new motto: “as toothless as its namesake”) would become a “red” state; true to its colors (if a recent Seattle Times story is correct) in that the majority of red states drain Federal funds, while the majority of blue states contribute those funds.

AFAIC, we have it good here in EWa already. We get to bitch and moan constantly about the EEEEEEEEEVIL!!! commie liberals on the West Side, whine on and on about how Gregoire stole the election and how no one understands our needs . . . and still get to suck off the state tax tit as hard as we can.

It’s a bitchin deal. We shouldn’t try to fuck it up.

I gotta say, though, that it makes this bleeding heart trapped in Coeur d’Alene feel better, heh. Schadenfreude-sympathy.

Um. . . oh, right. Go Cougs. Go 'Zags. Et cetera.

Count this Seattleite among them. We have a very long to-do list we could attack if the eastward flow of tax revenue were to stop. These jagoffs want to cut off the teat to spite the boob, why should I stand in their way?

Seems to me the hardest part of the division will be determining which of the Cascade-pass ski resorts will go with which side of the state. :slight_smile:

Eastern Washington would die a quick miserable death if left on it’s own. So yes, I think it should be done. Just let me move first.

flees to the greener side of the Cascades

Wait wait! The wineries! We can’t leave them behind!

If this happens, will Forks relocate?

This reminds me of Illinois! Chicago is blue, and most of the rest of the state is red.

Guess what’s the economic engine? Chi-town.

But downstate Prairie Staters don’t threaten to secede! :eek:

they just bitch and moan about corrupt big city politics…

PS: been to Seattle and the San Juans–gorgeous!

No, no, the new state should be named “Lincoln”.

Then watch the town of George change its name to “Abe”.

So we need to choose which fine Eastern Washington metropolis will be the capital of our proposed 51st state. I vote for Kennewick, mainly because I was born there, but also because it has a famous fossil named after it.

There’s also Walla Walla. Which has an onion named after it.

You’re not keeping up with the times. The capital should be outsourced to India.

A guy can’t help but thing of the comment attributed to A. Lincoln when told during the 1860 election that Alabama was threatening to have no commerce with the North: “I look forward to seeing a resident of Alabama attired in the products of his native state: a paper collar and a pair of spurs.”

Sounds like a great idea! How about Washington and Oregon both split, and then the west halves merge with each other, as shall the east halves? At the very least, the resultant states will be significantly more politically cohesive.

And by sheer coincidence, the main economic engines of both states end up in the liberal greenie “West Washigon”.

Surely you mean “West Oreton,” right?


People get frustrated. We get the same thing here on an Upstate/Downstate basis, and I completely understand why. Downstaters dominate the political landscape because they outnumber upstaters, but not by much. A thin majority therefore gets to dicate to a large minority.

Back when we were debating going back to a 65 mph speed limit most of the opposition to the idea came from downstate. People up here just couldn’t understand why an assemblywoman from Brooklyn gave half a shit about speed limits in Tompkins County. There’s also an annoying “we know what’s good for you better than you do, rube” element that really pisses people off.

Gun control is another fine example, but it happens across the board. People get tired of having laws and regulations they disagree with, often vehemently so, rammed down their throats on a regular basis.

These situations are a classic example of the Tyranny of the Majority.

I kind of like “Pacifica”, myself.

Put the Governer in Seattle, the Legislature in Portland (?), National Guard HQ with the Gov, Emergency Management in P., & if a natural disaster happens, at least one essential component survives.

The Tri-Cities would be so entirely fucked in a seperate state.

Ok, they’re pretty fucked anyway. But damn. It’d be the largest metro in the state, desperately clinging to its cowtown mentality.