Attention Mod Colibri

Thank you for closing post. I was trying to add the Austin based article in conjunction with the post tagged as spam.

Where is the preview post on android?

Here (click image to expand):

Google Photos

On my laptop or desktop, I see a preview pane to the right of my reply pane. However, I don’t know what you would see on a phone.

It’s possible the reply pane was blocked because there were several reports of the OP as being spam. It looked that way since your post seemed to be promoting an organization with a prominent link to a website.

There might be a broader topic of discussion that would be allowable, but as it was it looked too much like a promotion.

I corrected “Mid” to “Mod” in the title.

Why? Maybe he wants to speak to your duodenum.

Ooh. Gutsy.

You see nothing on a phone.

My chrome browser on the phone has the ‘preview’ control shown above. Yours doesn’t?

There is a button you can press, yes. But no live preview panel.