Attn: Cervaise - a dissenting opinion does not equal "ignorant"


Since you have taken upon yourself to address me exactly twice, but each time you can do nothing but insult me personally, I’ve given you your own platform to tell the world why you think your petty insults are warranted.

In this thread and in this one, Cervaise poked her nose in - not to address any points made by either side mind you - but to insult me personally and without backing up any of her accusations.

In both of these threads my basic sentiment was that the OP overreacted. If you disagree, Cervaise, then by all means tell me so and then tell me why, but your sophomoric insults serve no purpose.

Hmmm what exactly have I said that makes you think I’m so ignorant? A quote, please. I remind you that a differing opinion, or even an unpopular one the SDMB, does not in the slightest imply lack of knowledge or education.

And this gem:

Nothing valuable to contribute. huh. Without focusing on my fair share of correct assertions in GQ, which brought me to this board in the first place, I have never offered a dissenting opinion for it’s own sake. That said, I contend that the simple fact that one exists is a valuable contribution. Is it better to have a group of people congratulating each other that they are all in agreement? I’m not the type of guy to merely fill space by jumping into a thread to say “me too!”, so I choose my battles carefully. I have opinions that I know people will disagree with, but they are my own true opinions.

You, on the other hand, seem to be following that “me too” mentality. As if, “Here is a newbie who has several people vocally disagreeing with him - what a great chance to show my solidarity and insult him personally without having to back it up.”

Here’s your chance. Back it up.

Cervaise had a gender reassignment? :eek:

You didn’t get the memo?

I’ve gotta hand it to Cervaise. He’s one helluva perceptive fellow. Eloquent, too.

I blame the incredibly persuasive telemarketer.

Feh. He still hasn’t reviewed Almost Famous.

That’s tragic.

That’s going to leave a mark!


A Persecuted Dissenting Newbie, eh? Interesting, though unoriginal. You got the gender mix-up, which is good, but next time, try screwing up the coding here and there. Gives you a genuine newbie flair.

Personally, I’m hoping Cervaise wears his Batman costume this year. The Fred Flintstone just wasn’t him.


skin: 1 a : the external limiting tissue layer of an animal body especially when forming a tough but flexible cover relatively impermeable from without while intact b : any of various outer or surface layers (as a rind, husk, or pellicle)

thick: 1 a : having or being of relatively great depth or extent from one surface to its opposite <a thick plank> b : heavily built.

grow: 1 a : to spring up and develop to maturity b : to be able to grow in some place or situation <trees that grow in the tropics> c : to assume some relation through or as if through a process of natural growth.


Color me confused. The OP acts like a twit, links to instances of said twitish behavior, and then proceeds to act indignant. Is there a point to this, or is it time to offer pie?

Will there be punch and pie?

Yay! My first Pit Thread! Can you believe it took three and a half whole years?

Thank you, Blue Fairy, for making me a Real Boy. :smiley:

Just want to say that I thought Cervaise was a girl too, way back when. Sorry, but your name makes me think of “cervyx”.:slight_smile:

Now about that pie…

I’m just here for the pie.

Personally, I’m more of a flan girl myself…

All you unclever folks with the pie jokes, you might want to check out the Pit Rules on the sticky Lynn put up, for threads just like this. To wit:

Thank you Hall Monitor Peep.

Geez, peep, what kind of pies are you used to that remind you of lawn chairs? I’ve heard English food was bad, but damn…

Cervaise wrote:

Gah, what an insufferable movie. Why couldn’t they have destroyed him with the rest of the robots?