Attn circumcised: your mother is likely a sex offender

If you are circumcised, this thread is about you. If you aren’t, it isn’t.

If your mother brought you to the medical authorities for circumcision, she is an accomplice to sexual assualt; more specifically, male genital mutilation.

If social pressure dictates that a mother submit her infant to male genital mutilation, morality demands that the mother resist.

Mothers that “give in” are accessories to sexual assault, at best. At worst, they are guilty of incestual rape.

It really depends on the individual case. A circumcised infant might be raised by gay men, or circumcised by authorities who do not consult the parents, etc. Your personal mother literally may not be guilty. Statistically speaking, though, she probably is.

Literally a sex offender.

I didn’t realize you were dating ZPG Zealot.


And if she’s British, she’s a Gulf-Murdering Incestuous Mutilating Rapist, the worst kind of incestuous mutilating rapist there is!

Neither did I.

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[SIZE=“1”](but our aim is improving)[/SIZE]

And your mother wears army boots.

I commit handshake rape of myself every day. Sometimes twice!

Well, at least, unlike the anti-abortion people who want to hang the doctor but would give the mother a pass, here, we have someone fixing to put mothers in jail, right where they belong. Integrity, that’s what it is. One stands proud.

(A few millimeters less proud than before mutilation, but still proud.)

Cutting skin is rape?

I’m thinking a debate that begins “your mother is a sex offender” is probably not GD material. Off to the Pit.

Cite? That’s a legal term, like murder.

Do you know what rape mean? And since when did the mothers perform the circummcism?

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So I was sexually abused? No wonder I’m such a fucked up individual. I’m just glad it was my mommy that did it and not my daddy otherwise I may have ended up “the gay”.

I have been a member for a long time but never had occasion to say the following:

Give me a fucking break.

Ok, is this trollery? Seems like nothing but purposeful inflammation.