Attn Colleen McCullough fans...a new book out Nov 25th!

It’s called “The Touch,” and it’s set in Australia.

Great. My “to read” list just got longer. And I only just bought The October Horse!

Hurray! This one goes to the top of the list!

Have any of you read the little gem The Ladies of Misalonga? Didn’t she write that? I remember loving that book, but I hadn’t thought about it in years. It’s only about 90 pages long. I need to find my copy and reread while I wait for November 25.

(The spelling may not be right on that title. I hope that someone will correct it if it’s wrong. Don’t leave an English teacher in shame.)

I’m re-reading the Masters of Rome series…I was waiting for the next installment of Morgan’s Run to come out, when I found this one on

I read the Ladies a long time ago, but from what I understand, it’s very similar to another book. I’ve never read Tim, either.

Damn, rereading the Master’s of Rome series?! I only got 1/4 of the way through The Grass Crown before getting tired of keeping track of all the Metelluses and what who had done to who and when.

The Roman names can be a bit tough…that’s why you don’t stop reading the books! I was able to keep most of the major characters straight. But the research McCullough did…damn!

I can’t wait for this one! I haven’t read The October Horse yet but I’m waiting for it to get to my small library. I’ve read Ceasar’s woman many many many times.

Zoe I think it’s the Ladies of Missalonghi. Great book though.

What’s the one set in the future, sort of a God parable, with John Christiansen and Judith Carrioll? I remember it was after an ice age or something, and you were limited to the number of children you could have.

I still think The Thorn Birds is her best, but I also adore The Masters of Rome, and Morgan’s Run was pretty good too.

ivylass, you’re probably thinking of A Creed for the Third Milleneum. Just guessing, though, since I haven’t read it.

KidCharlemagne, don’t feel bad. I was a history major, concentrating in Roman studies, when I first picked these books up. And still had to take notes, draw family trees, etc. just to figure out who the heck these people were. It was worth it, though. These books are the best historical novels ever written, bar none.

I think I read in one of the afterwords in her books that she did 12 years of research before she started writing them.

It was funny, when I first started reading them, I thought, “Oh, how nice, a novel set in Ancient Rome.” Then, just for giggles, one day I googled Gaius Marius and Sulla.

Imagine my surprise…and delight! It was like bumping into a celebrity on the street…these were real people!

Oh, and Kid, you should try to finish the series. Sulla’s retirement is unbelievable, and Caesar’s seduction of Servilia is pure decadence. Not to mention Servilia’s feud with Cato, and Julia’s marriage to Pompey, and the wars and politics…

Magnificent series.