ATTN: Ladybugs


One just tried to crawl up inside my shorts, and I spilled my drink in a panic trying to figure out what was happening to me.

Well, if you want to get rid of them, you have to put skulls all over the place.

Don’t you know they are good luck?

And take the Fuckin crickets with you!

The Pit doesn’t taste right when people go pouring their MPSIMS in it.

Right now, her royal highness the Queen Ladybug is reading this thread and shaking in anger.

But you do have a point. So let me make this a proper pitting:

-You are all pests.
-Some of you are more orange than red, which is an ugly variation.
-I’m sure someone is dying to point out that the orange pest version is actually not the archetypal ladybug but actually some other related beetle variation. I don’t care, I’m still calling them ladybugs.
-What kind of pervert bug crawls up someone’s shorts?

It’s keeping your genitals free of aphids. Have you ever seen aphids on your genitals? No? I rest my case.

Now that’s what I call a Pitting!

The ladybug lobby has indicated that this thread would be more suitable for MPSIMS. One does not cross the ladybug lobby.

If you had felt the panic and horror I felt when that mysterious critter violated my inner thigh space, you would understand the hatred and rage I’ve tried to express.



And they reek when they’re annoyed:mad:! Farmers are harvesting across the road, so they’ve all come to lurk on the back porch, just waiting to attack whenever the door is opened.

Yesterday, I was sitting here at my computer. I was wearing a hooded sweatshirt with a zipper and the zipper was open. I felt a small tickle on my right elbow. It felt like a bug was crawling on me!

I reached my other hand inside the sleeve and didn’t feel anything. The tickly feeling went away.

Then, I felt it again. Again, I reached my other hand in the sleeve to investigate. Nothing. I was beginning to wonder if I was hallucinating.

Then, I felt it again, but a little higher up my right arm. The feeling quickly goes away. I’m pretty sure now that I am going nuts.

I look down a few minutes later, and a freakin’ orange ladybug is sitting on my shirt!

At least I wasn’t hallucinating, I guess.

And to think I actually pay for these by the bagful at the local nursery…

FINE! You didn’t have to be so damned rude about it. (stomps off)


And take your good-for-nothing friends with you!

Ladybugs are NOTHING compared to the huge cockroaches we have here in Texas. I understand that Florida also has these bugs, as well as crabs that occasionally go walkabout. I quit hanging my laundry out to dry on the day when I brought my clothes in, along with a roach that was a good three inches long.

I thought the ladybugs were all at the ladybug picnic?

Three days ago they arrived and started to penetrate the perimeter. Forces maintained control and infiltrators were duct taped and put in storage.

Two days ago they started to cross the perimeter in greater numbers. Our reconnaissance forces came under attack when a number of the enemy rushed them and harassed them all the way back to base camp. They infiltrated the lines again all that day, with more determination than the previous day. It was night when the last of the enemy were being duct taped and put in storage.

Yesterday the assault of our defensive line was the greatest yet. The enemy that got through were not cleaned up until late into the night by our beleaguered forces. Duct taping lasted until 22:00 Not all the infiltrators were found and they commenced terrorist acts during the night. Duct tape and storage facilities are still in good supply, but eventually that will not be so.

Will we be overrun today or will the lines hold? I can not say, for the enemy is many, and our forces are limited. Only an act of God can save us as it is only a matter of time before they overwhelm us. We pray our own people do not nuke us from orbit as the enemy would surely survive while we would not.

From the diary of a bug soldier early in the war, before the home planet was lost.

My pestilence is worse than your pestilence?