Attraction to pre-op M-to-F transsexuals ("she-males")

There seems to be quite a large market for pornography featuring pre-operational male-to-female transsexuals (usually marketed as “she-males”, “trannies”, or “chicks with dicks”). Most of it seems to be targetted at men.

Is there a word for a man whose primary sexual preference is for these pre-op M-to-Fs? I checked Wikipedia’s sexual orientation and identity category but they don’t list anything specific. I’m sure some people will argue that men with these preference are latent homosexuals. However, that’s a topic for Great Debates; I just want to know if there’s a term specific to men attracted primarily or exclusively to pre-op M-to-Fs, and/or who freely identify themselves as such.

Probably not latent at all, just gay men attracted to dress-up and fantasy, which can run the gamut from cross-dressers to actual pre-ops. I doubt that many of the “she-males” you refer to are actual pre-ops or have any intention of proceeding all the way with the surgery. I think they are more likely to be transvestites who are so dedicated to the illusion that they have invested in breast augmentation surgery.

I once briefly dated a bartender whose bar was sponsoring a contestant in the SF Empress pageant that year, so I saw a fair number of the gents who liked to shower attention on the “ladies”.

I very much doubt this is the case. Most “she-male” pornography goes to considerable lengths to use very effeminate models wearing feminine clothing; the fat distribution on many of the models suggests that they’re on hormone therapy. In short, the “girls” are practically indistinguishable from biological females except for the bits between the legs. I don’t know of too many gay men who are attracted to females, which is virtually what these models are. I think the primary market for “she-male” pornography is for males who identify themselves as primarily heterosexual (or at least, who do not identify themselves as exclusively homosexual). Probably the target audience would find traditional gay porn, let alone the idea of sex with a regular man without breasts and female clothing, completely distasteful.

Well, I haven’t studied it as closely as you apparently have :stuck_out_tongue: but I have seen some where the “bits between the legs” are still very functional, which wouldn’t be the case if they were on hormone therapy.

I guess I’m still doubtful if self-denying closeted gay men would be interested in this kind of porn, as the whole point of it is that the “girls” have dicks. I think they would be more likely to just look at regular straight porn and spend their time focusing on the men instead of the women. But I’m no expert, just one (gay) man’s opinion.

My guess is that it’s not so much for repressed or closeted gay man, as it is for heterosexual men who might have the occaisional gay fantasy, or something along those lines, but is, for lack of a better word, disturbed by that fantasy. They don’t want to think of themselves as gay, and indeed, the occaisional fantasy about being with a man doesn’t neccesarily make one gay or even bi-sexual. So by watching porn (or in more extreme cases, having sex with) with these women, they can still see themselves as liking women. These women just happen to have a penis.

In addition, there are several non-gay man who enjoy (receptive) anal sex, and may not like soley the idea of just a toy/strap-on, and again, they still see this scenario as a woman having anal sex with them (or the guy they are watching, perhaps fantasizing it is them,) not a man.

Now again, some people may argue that these qualities mean that the man is a closetd gay or bi-sexual, but I don’t think that has to be the case.

Although there are a few closeted homosexual or bisexual-leaning men into “she-males,” it has been my experience that most men into that sort of thing are straight. I’ve been on message boards devoted to these ladies and their ‘admirers.’ The admirers always refer to the women involved as “girls” “ladies” “women,” etc. And some of the men will take a girl under their wing and pay for her entire transition. If you want to see a message board devoted to such a subject, google search “hung angels” and visit their message board. It is very not safe for work.

That’s not true. Depending on the level of hormones and on the response of the individual inquestion, you can still have fully functional penis/testicals for a while after starting hormone replacement therapy. For many individuals, the penis is still able to maintain an erection even when the person in question has been on HRT for several decades.

There is a generic term for individuals attracted to transgendered/transsexual people called “tranny chaser.” This is a derogatory term. There is also “admirer.” I know some people within the transgendered community who call themselves “pansexual” in order to express their interest in individuals outside of gendernorms. There is also “transsensual” but I’ve never heard anyone use that term.

This topic came up recently in Savage Love.

I’m no expert on the matter, but considering all I’ve read and all the documentaries I’ve watched on the subject, I think the term for the man with that kind of sexual attraction is, like kimera said, “straight”. Because I bet that the typical straight man with this attraction/fetish isn’t going to be very talkative about it, and is probably going to consider the object of his desire to be a woman with a little something extra. And then, if we’re considering the man’s attraction to a post-op transsexual that becomes a woman, he is going to still consider himself straight.