Audible, Android, and micro-SD - take 2

I am mildly irritated. I know I typed this up and pressed submit. So, where the heck did it go?
Anyway, I have an android phone (LG Optimus Elite). I have an audible membership and the audible android app. I have a 4GB micro-SD card.
I want the audible app and the downloaded audiobooks to go on the micro-SD card because I have run out of memory on my phone.
How do I make this happen? Can I make this happen?

Go to Settings - Applications - Manage Applications - Audible and then select the Move to SD Card option to move the application.

In general, download App2sd from Google Play to see what other apps can be moved to the SD card.

I feel your pain btw, my nearly 2-year-old HTC Desire is showing its age in terms of internal memory. Luckily the latest generations of Android phones are equipped with masses more internal memory

I just downloaded it and tried moving Audible (it had the little x that apparently means moving it isn’t a good idea) and one other app (which didn’t have the x). Both apps then wouldn’t run and I got a message that they weren’t installed.
did I do something wrong?
I use Audible all the time so I definitely want to be able to access it easily. I have only had the phone for 2 months. The only reason it’s so full is because of the audiobooks.

It’s not the app you want to move but the ebooks themselves. From the Audible FAQ, you can supposedly move the Audible folder to the root of your SD card (with a file browser) and I suppose it should automatically re-detect it?

That did it. The memory for the app itself is being used by the phone but the first book I re-downloaded took memory from the micro-SD card. Now I just need to go and get them all back again.

So, in case anyone else is wondering, here’s what happened…
When I plug my phone into my computer, it gives me the option to open drives E and F. Drive E is the phone and drive F is the card. I cut the audible folder from E and pasted it in F. That was it. Super easy.