My phone doesn't recognize my apps now that I put a new micro SD card in it

My android phone came with an 8GB micro SD card. I put a 64GB card in, formatted it and now that one is recognized by the phone. I’ve had the phone almost a year and got the new card installed today.

I took the 8GB card, copied all the data onto my laptop, then copied it back onto the 64GB card in my phone. Even though it shows all the folders on the 64GB card, it is not showing the apps as functional. Example, I copied my entire kindle folder from the 8GB card to the 64GB card, but my kindle app is non-functional.

So what do I do now? Do I just reinstall the apps (there are only about 20, I could reinstall them all in an hour or so), or is there some way to get the apps to work again? In place of about 20 of my apps there is just the android icon.

I just reinstalled the kindle app and the beyondpod podcast app. The redownloaded versions recognize all my personal info. All my podcasts are saved and all my ebooks are saved in my kindle. So I’m guessing I’ll have to manually (or if there is a way to do it automatically) update all my apps.

I suspect there was some type of pointer in the phone’s main memory pointing to locations on the SD card that are now bogus. When the apps were installed they probably also write some information to the main memory that isn’t updated by copying files to the SD card.

So how can i fix it.

Reinstall the apps. You can’t just recreate exactly what was on your SD card by copying the files. Maybe someone else can point you to a tool to duplicate your SD card data but I think it’s probably easier to uninstall and reinstall, unless you are going to lose valuable data by doing so.