AudioSlave - You Like?

I do, I like Chris Cornell - Vocals and Songwriting. Liked him in Soundgarden and his Solo Stuff.

Didn’t like Rage Against The Machine, just didn’t get into them.

But I like AudioSlave, the CD is good - from start to finish, especially like Like A Stone.

What do you think.

i heard one song and sort of liked it. i would like to hear the entire cd and see how it turned out…

I’ve only heard what’s been released on the radio and it’s okay…not earth shattering. I’d like to listen to the whole album though, because Chris Cornell can shit on a plate and I’ll say, “Great! More please?” I just love his voice, and hope that it’s being used at some point on the album to its full, angsty screaming potential.

When I first heard of the project, I was kinda excited about it. After all, you get the voice of SoundGarden and the riffs of Rage. I never got into Rage because I hated de la Rocha’s crap. This sounded like a match that could go somewhere. I only heard one song on the radio, only one time, and it didn’t really catch my attention. I suppose I really need to hear the whole thing. I’ll probably pick it up. It can’t be too bad, afterall.

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I’m not impressed by them.

and Cornell looks like he’s in a boy band now.

I would have to vote that band (more like its members) as the best thing to come out of 2 bad situations.

RATM needed a new lead singer and Cornell needed a band.

Who would have thunk that they would sound that good?

and ‘like a stone’ just plain rocks.

-x out

Yep. Like 'em whole lots. Cornell is my fave singer and songwriter and I enjoyed early Rage too before they got repetitive. Audioslave is a good record, almost as good as Cornell’s solo album, though not quite as great as the last two Soundgarden releases.

Temple of the Dog is godly!

I LOVE Temple of the Dog, donn’t get me wrong.

I just ain’t impressed with AudioSlave

I like, I like.

They do sound much more Soundgartian than Ragin’.

I never liked Soundgarden, although I did like Temple of the Dog. HATED Rage. I like Audioslave until Cornell starts signing. For some reason he irritates me on those songs. Not on TotD, or his solo songs, though… weird…

They are pretty good, but it really just sounds like Rage doing Soundgarden-esque music.

Nothing really original or new. I always loved Soundgarden though, so it is nice to get something that continues in that vein.


And I don’t know if its just the recording/mixing, but it sounds like Cornell’s voice is starting to go.

This is one of the only albums I’ve bought in recent years with more than one or two songs that I’ve liked. Generally I’ve bought an album, liked one song a lot, another a little bit, and the rest were various degrees of shit. I like every song on the thing ranging from “pretty dern good” to “freakin’ brilliant.” I had high hopes, and they were exceeded to my great surprise. Great album.

And hey, Cornell has always been a “pretty boy.” Can’t hold that against him. :smiley:

So boring. I liked RATM, didn’t mind Soundgarden, but this is way less than the sum of its parts. It takes all the edge off Rage’s music that made them so exciting and [almost famous] incindiyary [/almost famous] and has nothing of the freshness and vitality that characterised Soundgarden’s best moments.

It just sounds like boring post-grunge rock with grunge throwback tinges. Like Puddle of Mudd, but not as bad.

I’ve always hated Rage Against The Machine. I didn’t like their vocals, and I didn’t like the band. All they ever do (that I’ve ever heard) is vamp for 3 or 5 minutes.

I liked Soundgarden and Chris Cornell is a really good singer. The combination is ok, but not earth-shattering goodness. I’d rather listen to Cornell with a better band.

They aren’t bad, it’s just that they sound exactly like RATM, only with Chris Cornell. They had a chance to grow musically, but instead Tom and the guys decided to play the exact same way.

Anyone know if they play any Rage or Soundgarden stuff live?

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Two thumbs down. First, I’ve never liked Rage. Two, the singles are so tired. Gah, it’s nothing we haven’t heard before. It’s not even decent stuff we’ve heard before.

I enjoy the CD, but it’s nothing new or groundbreaking. The singles are good radio fodder, but I prefer “Set It Off” and “Shadow On The Sun”. It’ll do until I find something new to catch my ear, I’m in something of a slump when it comes to finding new music and artists I like. Getting old I guess.

Rage grew on me after I heard more of them. Soundgarden had a few good moments, but overall left me flat (I even prefer Johnny Cash’s version of “Rusty Cage” to the original).

Me like.

I got a Led Zeppelin feel from 'em.

In udda woids, I’m horny.


What I’ve heard so far has been decent.

However, the $75 bucks they were charger for concert tickets cost them some points in my book.