Audrey Seiler Update

Mr2U is at home today listening to the Fox News update. Apparently, there has just been a press conference stating that Audrey left on her own that night - she had “wanted to be alone”. Then, she claims that while she was wandering the streets, someone with a knife abducted her and dragged her throughout the city.

More and more I’m starting to think this is the case of a young woman with mental problems trying to get attention.

Well, if she and Al Sharpton claim she was kidnapped and raped by Steve Pagones, I’m really going to be suspicious.

Yep, this story is bouncing all over the place. I heard reports that the woman who originally called police after seeing her in the marsh reported seeing her there the day before as well. I can’t seem to find verification of this though. Maybe it was discounted.

At any rate, I’m waiting for the “It was all a hoax” press conference ay time now.

MSNBC is reporting the girl has admitted it was a hoax. Police apparently have video of her purchasing the duct tape/rope she claims she was bound with.

This is what happens when we let Minnesotans into this state.

Thank God she wasn’t from Illinois


After all, it is April 1st…

Rough day! :smiley:

Carry on…

Sheesh, don’t I know it. As an Illinoisan studying in Milwaukee, I’d never hear the end of it. As it is, I’m already blamed for the Chicago city lights you can see over the lake, among other stuff.

Now where’s the Minnisodites? They’re never gonna hear the end of this from ME.