Aunt Fritzi is my new it girl

Okay, Sunday’s strip cemented it, Aunt Fritzi is perfect in every way.

Who the heck is “Aunt Fritzi”? All I see is a fairly ordinary Nancy 'toon. :confused:

Aunt Fritzi is the swimsuit-clad woman in the title panel. And yes, I’d be far more interested in an Aunt Fritzi comic than I ever have been in Nancy.

Aunt Fritzi is Nancy’s Aunt and caretaker and is the woman featured in the first panel of the linked comic.

Fritzi was the focus of the strip in the beginning, and she started out hot!!

Sadly she got desexualized in the 50’s.

Good to see she’s back.

mrklutz, born too late. According to Don Markstein (without doubt the best authority on this stuff on the web) Fritzi was the star of the strip for its first 15 years or so. Nancy didn’t even show up until 1933, 11 years into the run of Fritzi Ritz. The name was changed in '38.


Hmmm, 15 years of lookin’ like that, and suddenly a “niece” shows up? Yeah, riiiight.

(Must have been a painful birth, with that hair!)