Aus Dopers...Centrelink Woes

I fucking hate Centrelink with the passion-equivalency of the radiant capacity of 1k suns etc etc, but The Bloke is ancient and therefore entitled to the Aged Pension for which he can claim.

Me being a veritable whipper-snapper means that I have to continue working for at least fifteen years now until I can be considered feeble enough to claim the same.

So, in the meantime, Centrelink take my wages into account when calculating The Bloke’s fortnightly entitlement. Fair enough. I have no quibble with that.

EXCEPT, I am paid twice a month rather than fortnightly, but Centrelink insists upon a fortnightly assessment by phone…the worst thing is that on the day we’re meant to report, I’ve not even finished my shift and have NO IDEA how much I have earned on that day. You’d think in this day and age with folks working on casual rates and all that stuff that they MIGHT have updated their information-collection routine…yeah? NO!!

It would be SO EASY to fuck Centrelink right off and tell them that The Bloke is just sharing a house with me so he gets a full pension. In the meantime, WE’RE fucked around trying to do the right thing and getting screwed in the process.

Hey, Centrelink, FUCK YOU. :rolleyes:

The guy who sits next to me at work is in a relationship with one of the Centrelink nazis. I’ll see what I can find out.

Mind you, after my wife and I separated I had dealings with these bozos via child support and they are the most incompetent organization I have ever dealt with. They routinely sent me multiple copies of letters outlining how much I didn’t owe.

My Mother in law recently got a phone call. “We’ve made an a error in calculating your pension because there was an error in our records about how much your English pension is. You owe us $5,000, so how much would you like to pay back each fortnight?”

That was almost the exact conversation.

They’ve had incorrect info recorded for ~8 years through no fault of my MIL, and now they want the money back, and they’re trying to push for a high level of repayments.

Less easy than you’d think. Centrelink once gay-married a great-aunt of mine to her sister-in-law-once-removed who she was living with following the deaths of their husbands (brothers, in case the relationship’s hard to follow).

They work out from the ATO and the electoral roll that there are multiple people living at the same address and require them to provide evidence that they’re living completely independently of each other. In essence, if you can’t prove that you don’t share any costs other than the rent, they declare you a de facto couple.