What Day Of The Week Do You Get Paid On

I have a new part time job and to my surprise, my boss told me we will get paid on Sunday. And you can pick your check up after 12 noon on Sunday.

I never have been paid on a Sunday. I’ve always been paid on Fridays and one job paid me on the 15th and 30th (or 31st)

So my poll is what day of the week are you currently paid on.

I wonder if anyone else is paid on Sunday? Is there an advantage to that?

I’m paid on Wednesdays, never heard of getting paid on a Sunday. Maybe your boss wants to keep the money for a few more hours since there’s no banking on Sundays (in the US anyway)?

Fortnightly, on alternate Thursdays. Yesterday was pay day.

I listed “other” because we’re technically paid on Friday (every other Friday.) However, without fail the funds are in my account Thursday after 5, although other people say they don’t get it until Friday.

I’m paid on the 15th and the last day of the month. I, um, haven’t been in such financial dire straits as to be worried if the money clears at an exact time though. I think if it falls on a weekend we get paid at Friday midnight.

I wouldn’t want to get paid more than once a month, banking is annoying.

Other, because I’m self-employed and get paid when the job is done and the client is happy.
Today I got paid twice. :slight_smile:

Every other Friday.

15th and last day of the month. Isn’t that the standard in most professional jobs?

September is 3 pay month this year :slight_smile:

More of us once-a-monthers than I thought there would be (so far–the thread is young). Other once-a-monthers–what’s your story? I’m suspecting many are non-US–once-a-month is fairly rare in the US. (FWIW, I’m a partner at a law firm in the US.)

It’s twice a month, but beyond that I’ve no idea. I’ve never had a situation where the exact day a paycheck came in was remotely relevant, so it’s not something I pay attention to.

I get paid once a month. I think that’s pretty normal for teachers. I vastly prefer it: much simpler, budget-wise.

My SO is an academic and is paid monthly, it’s the norm at many universities.

Twice a month - 5th and 20th. We used to get paid like everyone else on the 15th and end of month but the company struck a deal w/ the payroll company to do it “off schedule” and save some $ on the payroll processing. It actually works out pretty well because my wife gets paid on the 15th and EOM so we get a deposit just about every week - by the way, direct deposit ROCKS!

I just left my job at an ad agency, where we got paid on the 15th and the last day of the month; it was the same at my previous job.

At my first job out of school, we got paid every Friday. It wasn’t a small firm, and we used to remark on how it was likely not an insignificant expense for the company to run payroll that frequently, but the hourly workers in the plant really liked it.

When I was a grad student, and getting a research assistant stipend, we got paid once a month.

Indeed. That was happily noted in our office yesterday.

Interesting. Is that a public university?

Any other state workers in the once-a-month crowd?

Every other Friday.

British, non-professional non-manual. Pretty standard for people like me to be paid calendar monthly. I’m paid on the last business day of the month.

I think some guys who do manual work still get paid weekly, and perhaps folks like bar staff and the like. But I’d say once a month is more common here than anything else.